Talking to Cindy this morning from my suv, we both discussed my niece, Stephaney (yet again).

Stephaney and her choice to relapse resulted in her losing her job. I can’t express how upset and angry we both are about this. It was I who found the job for Stephaney while reiterating that her only responsibility was to pay her own rent. In four months, she has only covered the rent herself ONCE.

My son called regarding taking my secretary to a Dr appointment.

Virginia hasn’t driven in two years and if I’m not able to drive her I call my son. If he isn’t available, she takes an Uber. My son takes his son, Oliver wherever he goes. My son and his wife moved her cousin, Jordan and his son, Malaki into their home two years ago.

Jordan has a drinking problem. For two years that bum hasn’t had a job or even looked for one. To my great surprise, Jordan who hasn’t worked applied for and was granted a pandemic payment of $12k. I still can’t believe it. Jordan used this money to pay off his $4k fines that prevented him from getting a drivers licenses and bought a truck. He also was offered an opportunity to work at Sea Quest. His son, Malaki is home schooled and now my son is watching his son and overseeing his online education. I asked “are you getting paid?” My son was upset about my asking. I wasn’t. Taking care of Malaki and his own son was taking on Jordan’s responsibilities for free.

I’m not fond of Jordan. I think he’s a smart ass and shiftless bum. Once he starts drinking he doesn’t stop. My encounters with “Mr Know It All” never end well. I hate that he is living at my son’s house because you cannot even have a conversation without this dumb ass butting in.

If not for that pandemic relief Jordan still wouldn’t have a drivers license or vehicle. This shiftless idiot was cocky before but now he’s cockier than ever while dumping his responsibility of caring for and teaching HIS son on MY son.

I could go on and on about Jordan. In fact, I could go on an on about all of my daughter in laws cousins. Just last week one of those cousins was buried after shooting himself a few weeks ago and committing suicide and expecting his poverty stricken family to pay for or find a way to pay for his funeral because “he didn’t want to be cremated.”

How convenient for him. The audacity of my daughter in laws family never ceases to amaze me. Once Jordan starts drinking he doesn’t stop. I can’t stand this guy. Shoving his responsibilities onto my sons back is yet another reason to dislike him. No one watches and teaches someone else’s child without compensation.

Jordan receives $700 a month from social security for the benefit of his child. Malaki is special needs and requires a lot of attention. My son works two jobs and is raising his son while doing so. Jordan is being paid to care for his son and isn’t doing so. Jesus!

I tell my son “not your luggage not your trip. He’s being paid by SS to take care of that kid. You need to be charging him. It isn’t your kid. Every-time we go to lunch you have Malaki with you. Your attention should be on your own child NOT someone else’s. Make Jordan pay you. He’s a shiftless bum and loser. How in the Hell he was entitled to pandemic relief I have no idea.”

I pull up at the library with Stephaney in my suv. “Get in there and apply for any job you can get.”

Driving to Parker County to the florist and meeting Cindy, I call Leigh Ann about bookings while she’s back in DFW. As usual, Leigh Ann lights into me about Stephaney. “You and mom are enablers and I’m not speaking to her. Everyone is upset with both of you about helping Stephaney.”

I’m always amazed that the people doing the least bitch the most. SERIOUSLY.

No one else is helping pull the wagon on Saving Stephaney. My son never shuts up about helping Stephaney either although he is raising that bum Jordan’s kid for him!

My husband and I as well as Cindy are well aware that my niece isn’t going to have her rent again in December and have been planning to pay it.

Stephaney apparently called Cindy from the library to advise mu sister “she needs her to come into town to pay for her nails so she can go job hunting.”

Cindy is lit and threatening to make Stephaney a panhandling sign. “Take YOU to a nail salon? Are you fffing kidding me? I already pay for your daughters to get their nails done. Wendy and I pay ALL the expenses for the twins while you and that sperm donor father of theirs never bother to pay child support. You are both over $50k EACH in arrears. Listen damnit I’m not buying cigarettes and getting your nails done. I don’t smoke or get my own nails done. You are the most entitled MF I’ve ever met. Wendy and I told you if you relapse we are out. You screw up one more time and I’m giving you a cardboard sign and mittens and wishing you luck. I’m NOT kidding. I’m dead serious. I have been raising your children since birth. They are 16 years old. Get your shit together. You have had 16 years of chances!”

The florist for my weekend wedding has filed bankruptcy and I am as usual stressed out trying to cover all of the bases and get a refund for my client and back up florist while forcing my niece and my son to snap out of it. My son doesn’t owe Jordan free childcare and Cindy and I don’t owe Stephaney ANYTHING. Any help we give her has obviously not helped. It’s high time she starts “adulting.”