I answer a lot of questions regarding Inlaws and Outlaws referred to on my blogs but the truth is that you can’t “pick or choose” your new relatives when your son or daughter marry.  Like it or not, your new family members may or may not agree with your opinions or ideas hence the term Inlaws or Outlaws.  

The arguing usually starts (believe it or not) when planning a wedding.  A few months ago, my sister and I had our hands full when arguments over tradition for a Hispanic family weren’t understood (or excepted) by the other family.  Getting these two families to agree on anything took months of negotiations that helped “blend” ideas for the wedding and hopefully, the future of both families.  You won’t only see your new Inlaws at a wedding, you will see them for births, birthday parties, hospital visits and other “family functions.”  Biting your tongue will help you “ease into the transition.”  

My sister “came up with” a few fairly funny #Cindyism Quotes at my sons wedding while meeting my new Inlaws & Outlaws.  Blending families takes time, perseverance and patience.  Your new Inlaws may have ideas or insights that don’t mirror your own  and almost always do something that will light you up like a Christmas tree but, if you keep an open mind and open heart–you will get through the process.  I’ve had my fair share of run ins with my sons new Outlaws so I know what I’m talking about and the difference of opinions on anything related to my sons life continues to be a battle with the other family who nicknamed me The Meddling Mother. 

My twin sister is often called the GingerTwin or the Redneck Granny by a few of our clients who love her #Cindyism Quotes.  Cindy is unfiltered and “straight up” at Appraisal Appointments.  A few of my favorite quotes involve family like this one– The DIFFERENCE between INLAWS and OUTLAWS is IGNORANCE, they KNOW there IS an INTERSTATE, they just PREFER, to TAKE the DIRT road” God bless them.  My favorite family quote is “Family the only group of people who can tear down a WALL, and somebody will replace it, with a FENCE”

#cindyism “FAMILY is like a POT luck DINNER, you don’t have to LIKE everything they BRING to the TABLE, to APPRECIATE the MEAL” Amen

For families bartering Event Services, we require an Appraisal Appointment in order to “walk your trade” and appraise the actual value.  Cindy loves Appraisal Appointments and looking for buried treasure at clients homes, barns or offices. 

Yes, we both show up at your Appraisal Appointment so you can meet my saucy sidekick in person.  You wouldn’t know it but our clients prefer for us to come together or with one or all of our grandkids because they feel like they know our entire family from Cindy’s posts or photos used in blogs and I can say that my sister has yet to meet a stranger! 

Occasionally, we also have to say no to a trade based on the condition or the actual value.  My reasons for saying no to a barter are based entirely on the ability to sell it and what will be involved financially to refurbish or reupholster a trade.  A few years ago, we did a video we made that became fairly popular on Cindy’s old YouTube Channel and I’m guessing it was because we were being blatantly honest.  We had just left an Appraisal Appointment in a home with at least 10 cats and there wasn’t anything we could Flip due to the smell.

A few folks think honesty is hilarious and I’m sure it can be because our adventures meeting families from all walks of life is actually an interesting and occasionally, funny journey.  

Cindy calls herself a hillbilly because she spent years working on a dairy and also because she’s married to a truck driver who was brought up “in the country.”  We have a lot of fun together as this video shows–  Meet The Pawning Planners- Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel.

Saying no when a prospect wants to barter Moonshine or cattle isn’t an “easy conversation” but I have my reasons:  1.  I don’t have anywhere to store livestock and 2. Moonshine is illegal and may have value to some folks but I can’t exactly “flip it on eBay.”   To clarify what we can’t take in trade, read this blog—Bartering Can & Cant’s Wendy Wortham Explains.

Apparently, a blog I wrote explaining this was funny to people here in Texas but I wasn’t trying to be funny because I don’t view myself as funny.  The truth is that I’m actually very serious and have to be because I write the checks around here.  We are compensating personality twins.  For more information on this, read this blog–Twinning With The Pawning Planners.

Nearly all of my photos are taken by our photography teams for Texas Twins Events by Robert or Stephanie Hafele or Leigh Ann Blais who constantly tell me that “I look too serious.” Pulling off a Dream Event isn’t for the faint hearted.  I’m often dealing with large groups of people that I have never met before and therefore, carrying a heavy burden of making a roomful of strangers happy and comfortable which isn’t always “fun.”  Our goal is to make the clients happy but more often than not, their families are part of the process.

An unusual aspect of my business is client or family meetings or intervention from previous clients who reach out when their marriage is on the rocks or want someone to talk to someone else or make suggestions and my sister is often asked to “throw her two cents in” during these meetings.  Out of the many families who have sought advice, only 3 of my couples have divorced because keeping a family together is a priority to me.  I’m deeply saddened to see a once happy couple divorce because divorce destroys families but there are certain situations where divorce is the only option especially when children are involved or violence is part of the problem.  If the situation is based on drugs or violence–my sister and I will help you pack or drive you to a shelter ourselves. 

I’m serious about exceeding client expectations so you will rarely find me laughing or trying to a comedian because my OCD personality prevents me from being carefree.  Cindy is my go-to when something goes wrong on location with a Barfing Bride, Broken Tooth, Banjo Playing Boyfriend or other unexpected issue.  

We are honest about unexpected pitfalls because we aren’t psychic and a few of these “incidents” could not have been foreseen as this blog shows–Hiccups & Hilarity With The Pawning Planners.

Many of my blogs pretty much “Just Say No” to an Open Bar and my reasons are based entirely on experiences with inebriated guests on location that spoil the fun for everyone.  Open Bars are a bad idea if you know someone who will be at your event has a drinking problem.  The best events we have ever had are with a Cash Bar if there is free alcohol on site aka an Open Bar,  free alcohol can make a hog out of a few people with little or no self control.

Since many of you wonder if “we are always together?” We are.  My twin and I see each other everyday and work together at events for clients bartering through The Pawning Planners or Texas Twins Events or at appraisal appointments, or refurbishing and listing items at Texas Twins Treasures and enjoy spending time together as most twins do.

I’m on staff at several venues in the DFW area and also officiate or coordinate for couples who don’t book through The Pawning Planners or Texas Twins Events.

We also offer Destination Event Services and travel to 39 states with the “catch” being that travel expenses are included in a “Destination Package.”  Depending on how many staff members your event requires, we will work with you to find discount rates and keep your overall expenses low.

A few of you were surprised to learn that I’m also a Celebrant and/or Funeral Clergy as well as a Pre Marital/Crisis Counselor but the truth is that I’m always learning something new and interested in expanding and rebranding to address nearly any request.  There are laws in place to protect grieving families and whenever I have been hired as a Celebrant, I work closely with families to keep their expenses down for a funeral just as I would for a wedding or other event while also going over ways to save them money.  I’m an expert at negotiating with other vendors and retailers. 

My blogs address laws and legislation that affect weddings and funerals to give my dedicated readers accurate and up to date information.  The Funeral Rule is important for families who may or may not know this law exists—How The Funeral Rule Protects Consumers.

Although we have a really good time together and Cindy keeps me laughing, creating a way to fund families with no money to book through Texas Twins Events or barter to book through The Pawning Planners was an idea based entirely on my sister’s unique comedy skill set.  

Pawning Planners Apparel sold through Texas Twins Events created a window to showcase my sister’s saucy sayings while helping us pay for film development and other expenses incurred when we sponsor a families event out of pocket.  From loaned bouquets and bouteniers to photography and even fuel expenses, sponsored families are chosen based on their event requests and situation.  I make the final decision of which event will be sponsored along with my twin sister after interviewing clients needs and wishes because when you’re paying for everything- the cost factors highly in whether or not you can afford to sponsor a family.  

Occasionally, a few things are either taken off the list or the clients need to find outside funding from family members to help “level out” our expenses.  We are the only Events business that will sponsor clients or loan bouquets or gift photography.  Why?  Because I care about your story and my goal is to help anyone whenever I can.  

Cindy is far more interested in making money and not afraid to tell you about it but my reasons for caring about your story is that I do because if I’m touched by your story, I will do anything possible to help you.  Many of the families that I’ve sponsored will tell you that without me and my team that their Dream Event would never have happened.  Sadly, this happens far more than anyone will ever know because I rarely discuss sponsored funerals or Rent Parties when a client requests that I not write about it or them.  My clients are well aware that I use my various blogs as a diary of my journey these past 7 years because they are also subscribers to all of my site blogs. 

Sponsored families use public parks, backyards or other “Free Locations.”  Many of our clients booking through The Pawning Planners use a Free Location and if you need help choosing a location, we are happy to help and give you a list of possibilities you may not know existed in your area.  We have used a Walmart parking lot, a karate studio, and a hospital hallway for weddings.  Being open minded gives us a pretty large window of possibilities.

As we look forward to spending Christmas with our families, it should be noted that although holiday fees are listed at Texas Twins Events I often make exceptions for Pawning Planners Clients by waiving traditional fees because these clients are often on a shorter window for their event needs and have very limited budgets so, if you have a question regarding photography or holiday fees, please contact me for more details by using the link on this site or any Wendy Wortham Website and I will review your request or financial issue and see what can be done to assist you.