Recently, I’ve been getting emails and texts regarding the use of my photographers and floral designs when I’m NOT officiating the ceremony. Texas Twins TV our YouTube channel documents how we refurbish and sell trades to cover the cost of the event by flipping, swapping and trading for services.

You see, simply because I’m not officiating doesn’t mean my property or my employees are available at NO COST.  My staff have a per hour fee and my inventory is available for lease (with a deposit refunded upon receipt of the items returned to me in the same condition they were leased in) I’m available by the hour as a wedding coordinator as well.

 A La Cart Options are offered on nearly every service and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

If you wish to use my inventory at your event, I will bring it to your event for an hourly fee of $175.00 photography is $75 an hour and your photos will be published on FB for you to print or edit however you may choose. Printed photos have a separate fee that must be paid prior to picking up.   If you need help with set up or wedding coordination, I’m available to assist you with decorating and other aspects of coordinating your event for a flat fee of $275 for a 3 hour window with the loaning of bouquets and boutenniers included.

I’m not really certain as to how or why the rumor that myself and/or my staff work for free began but, I operate two businesses and do not work for no cost unless of course, you have submitted trades equal to the value or your needs. “Help” does not include a free venue, free chalkboards, free bouquets, free decorations, free photographers, free photos, free wedding officiant or religious ceremonies, free ring pillows, flower baskets, etc.  “Help” with either of my companies is by offering services priced far lower than my competition and affording the ability to offer trades in exchange for services.  The help offered by my team is an affordable option for families and not free services for everyone.  A few weeks ago, I received the FB message (below) requesting “help” paying for a venue?  Confused as to what led these strangers to believe that I’m everyone’s “Fairy Godmother” I’ve gone over services and payments as well as bartered services on numerous blogs lately that obviously are not being read by those contacting me to “borrow inventory” or for cakes, catering, photography and even venue locations FREE.  Can you imagine contacting a complete stranger and asking them to “help” by paying for your venue?  Neither can I.

Contacting me after you’ve hired another Minister to use my property and assuming that I simply loan inventory that has cost me thousands of dollars to acquire leaves this Texas Twin completely confused as to how or why the writer would assume that I’m in the “loaning business.”  

 Putting some “skin into the game” is a requirement in order to attain my services and floral designs on loan are a fringe benefit of hiring myself or my staff not meant to be “loaned out to anyone and everyone who contacts me.”

If you are needing photography only, the hourly bill rate MUST be paid in full PRIOR to your event.

Floral Designs or Wedding Coordinator fees must also be paid prior to your event.

Hair and make up must be paid prior to your event.

Wedding officiant or clergy fees must be paid prior to your event.

When I’m contacted regarding “help” with your event- please define and describe what type of help you are seeking and whether you are paying for services or submitting a trade for services.  “Help” does not include a venue for your ceremony or free services, advice, my inventory or my staff.  

I’ve had 17 “help emails” so far this month that ranged from a wedding cake to catering to photographers with no consideration “money or trade” offered in exchange. These types of correspondence baffle me as to how the writer might assume that I operate a business that “gives away services” rather than “getting paid” for services.

NOTICE:  Submission of a trade does NOT constitute acceptance of the trade in exchange for services.  Wendy Wortham appraises all submissions and decides on whether or not the item offered in barter will satisfy the services offered in exchange.  If your item is not accepted to cover the cost of your services in FULL, the client must satisfy the debt in cash, check, money order or PayPal prior to the event.  Submitting of an item is NOT a guarantee of services offered by Texas Twins Events or The Pawning Planners.

 Wedding cakes are also available for a fee with loaned cake stand and decorative knife and serving utensil at a cost of $125 for a 2 tier cake and $150 for a 3 tier cake with a deposit on the loaned items (cake stand, knife, server) that will be returned to the client upon receipt of loaned serving platters and other Texas Twins Inventory used for your event. 

 Cake and Champagne/Wedding Officiant Package at WorthamWorld my location:  

I also offer an elopement package at my location that includes your wedding ceremony, small wedding cake, champagne and a complimentary photo at a cost of $225 with no more than 10 guests with the use of my crystal and chinaware. 

 Please understand that while I created my businesses to afford anyone, regardless of their income, the opportunity for a beautiful  event with the no cost events requiring trades that are taken and refurbished in order to cover the cost of your services, I do not offer completely free services or ceremonies, the use of my inventory or staff at NO CHARGE. 

 Nothing is FREE for me and nothing is FREE to clients, prospective clients or couples.  

I’m hoping this addresses any questions you may have and outlines the concept of a no cost event- you see no cost events are NOT and never have been FREE- the client must have something of value to submit that covers the expenses involved to retain our services. I do NOT “loan” my inventory to anyone who asks if you have not retained services from Texas Twins Events or The Pawning Planners- floral inventory, ring pillows, pillars, etcetera MUST be leased WITH a deposit required and a signed contract prior to the client receiving the merchandise.


By offering pricing far below industry standards, clients who are still not able to afford our services must have SOMETHING of value to offer.

Loaned items are only provided when you hire me to officiate your ceremony as a gift for hiring me rather than someone else.  If you’ve hired someone else to officiate, you MUST lease my inventory or hire me as a coordinator in order to enjoy the “fringe benefit” of using my inventory at your ceremony.

I’m the only Minister in the DFW area that accommodates clients with the “extras” and not in the habit of giving away my inventory pertaining to my business simply because you asked.

Wendy M Wortham