I got word that our friends from Austin Elementary had sad news, Lisa a beautiful and gregarious young mother had been diagnosed with cancer.

Her husband, Terry aka Slim had told my twin, Cindy Daniel that he wanted to give Lisa the wedding of her dreams but, they had very little money.

My twin called me and I decided to have an estate sale to raise money to cover the cost of the cake, decorations, floral designs and the event.

It was decided that we would use the park in Weatherford because:
1. It was public and had plenty of space for his car club friends and,
2. It was FREE
3. Wedding cakes are expensive and I provide the cake at my own expense
4. Flowers for the party are also expensive and I provide the boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets for the Bride, Maid of honor, Bridesmaids, Centerpieces etc at my own expense and time since I make and sell floral designs
5. Doing a wedding at no cost requires a lot of time, I do the floral designs myself and organization is key with financing as I often sell my own possessions at Texas Twins Treasures to find the funding to finance projects that are important to me
6. Paying photographers and film development is expensive and paying my staff to show up and help is yet another expense that I must shoulder
7. Renting chairs for the family of the couple
8. Decorations and utensils as well as ice and bottled water are necessary when having an outdoor event

When I’m sponsoring an event at my own expense I need to carefully plan how and what need to be paid for or, purchased. Sponsoring events is expensive and that’s why I decide which events are important to me and touch my heart and always seek a free venue because you see, venues are very expensive and often booked months in advance during wedding season.

Lisa wanted a 50s themed wedding and I immediately secured red and white checked tablecloths to cover picnic tables in the park and went to thrift shops to purchase records to hang from the trees and Coca Cola items for decor.

Next, I asked for several family photos that I would purchase frames from the Dollar Tree, Thriftown, Goodwill and the Salvation Army to use as Centerpieces.

Then I took my twin, Cindy Daniel and the Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney to the park to figure out what exactly would he needed from me to decorate the park on my budget.

With several trees, I decided that I would use my supply of tulle in my Texas Twins Treasures inventory to tie large bows in the trees.

Next I checked for electricity as I knew we would need music.

Finally, there were restrooms and a playground for the children which is always nice to have an area for family events to entertain the children. I decided to buy several kites at the Dollar Tree for further entertainment.

When planning events at my own expense it is VERY important to plan carefully. After all, I’m not rich and while my volunteer efforts have helped thousands of North Texas families not only with funerals, donated floral designs and wedding ceremonies but also through my other company, Debt Survival Info aka Defending Debt Lawsuit Consultants. You see, I’ve helped over 6438 Texans repair their credit and defend themselves from debt or breach of contract lawsuits at NO COST to them! That’s right, I’ve donated my time, my money and my knowledge for FREE to thousands of people for 8 years.

You might ask yourself why would anyone do this? Work for free? Spend their own money to help strangers ? Because I’ve been poor! I’ve struggled, I’ve overcome and, I’ve reached back to help as many others as my hands could reach- what you don’t know about me is far more interesting that what you do know.

For years I’ve been the go to girl for my community and I’ve changed lives by my commitment and my passion. It’s no secret that I hate to say no or turn away anyone.

My wonderful husband has financed me when sales from Texas Twins Treasures fell short funding sponsored events, I’ve had yard sales, bake sales, fundraisers and done whatever was necessary to achieve my goal of helping others and funding dream events. I’ve been asked when I sleep? Not often! For those of us who sacrifice to save others don’t have time to rest and relax.

When I find a worthy cause, I jump in and drag the Texas Twins Team behind me. My twin, the little Pawners and my friends, family and community rally together to achieve the dream of families and we do it with gusto, with flair, with unique insight for families like the Williams.

As their ultimate 50s themed party date of April 11 approaches, we will come together as a community that loves and supports those around us and we will together be one.

Don’t ask me why I do what I do, ask yourself why not? Pioneers found a direction in life and mine was to help others when no one else would or could, it’s God’s calling that I had the knowledge, the resources, the manpower and the will to achieve the things that I’ve accomplished.

For a kid that couldn’t speak without stuttering for years, that had known abject poverty, for a woman that survived a violent marriage, child custody battle and managed to be the top salesperson in any field I found myself working in- it should be quite obvious that for me, failure was never an option- that’s the fire that fueled me, I had to survive and overcome so many struggles in not only my own life but, my twin sisters as well. You see, compassion from the Texas Twins comes from our own struggles, perseverance and desire to help others.

I’m often called upon do oversee funerals and memorials for area hospitals when suicide is involved or, AIDS is suspected. Tragically, Catholic ministers or family clergy “step away” when controversy is involved. The heavy heart I bear in trying to give peace to the surviving family members under such stressful conditions cannot be described in print, it’s terribly painful for all of us.

Operation #happyday like everything else in my life will be a wonderful wedding and a celebration of community, commitment and family.

It is through faith that our destiny to touch a life is a gift we cannot take for granted and I never will.

Pray for this family, keep them in your heart and souls for illness like death, is shocking and a tragedy, but with love and faith this family will persevere
for they are heroes!

Reverend Wendy Wortham
The Pawning Planners