How many businesses do you know that provide services at no cost?  Not many but, we “do it different” for families who come to us with unique requests for services who don’t have any money.

Not many business owners would or could understand why we help people and provide loaned items or free photography but unless you’ve struggled to pay for something, it’s often hard to comprehend the financial burden of having a beautiful event. 

My Entire Family Work With Me To Adress Any Need On Location At Events

From bilingual translation to officiating at religious ceremonies, to loaning floral designs and providing free photography (when necessary), we effectively overcome any obstacle by working as a team to address your needs on location.

Providing low cost services was my initial plan to help consumers by starting Texas Twins Events.  By using my skills at refurbishing and “flipping” items, I quickly realized that blending Texas Twins Events and Texas Twins Treasures gave me a window to take trades for services when families had no money.  The Pawning Planners work by appointment to view items submitted to us for consideration when bartering an event. 

Jennifer Alexander Dream Event


Lisa Williams Dream Event


Lisa Williams Dream Event


Lisa Williams Dream Event


Dallas Aquarium


Wendy Wortham with Twins Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney


Joanna Magee Dream Event


Laurie Melo Dream Event


Photography Texas Twins Events Team


On Location- Mineral Wells, Texas

“Doing it differently” created a window to help many families who wanted a Dream Event but had no idea how they would pay for it.

Wendy M Wortham Low Cost Wedding and Event Services- Texas Twins Events Family Owned & Operated