My husband wouldn’t dream of leaving our home without his shirt tucked in. A belt is essential item to any of his various clothing options that are chosen, of course, by me! Matthew also has and keeps regular hair appointments.

Steven Daniel is famous for his outrageous clothing choices and forgetting to comb his hair. In fact, it is I who wind up insistent upon a haircut for my brother in law who thinks nothing of leaving the Daniel Diggs without a care of his often unsightly outfits or standing on end hairstyles. A torn shirt pocket is a trademark along with floral shirts and plaid shorts!

Mismatched clothing aside, my brother in law is fun loving and quick to laugh, everyone loves him. He enjoys a good meal and is addicted to TV, fishing and hunting squirrels.

Matthew Wortham was raised hanging around Rivercrest Country Club and, has never been the casual type, he was also raised with a maid. He is accustomed to a higher standard of living and hates fun parks, water parks and carnivals.

Cindy and I love them! We also love Halloween- the only find memories we have of our childhood revolve around “happy” events at fun parks.

Although remarkably different, our husbands mimick us in appearance and often in thoughts regarding our homes, our children and our lifestyles.

For years I’ve attempted to get my family to follow a code of proper attire- on deaf ears.

Somehow this motley crew has escaped my desire for perfectly dressed family photos at the holiday season. Am I asking for too much? One time out of the year? Perhaps.

The only clothing item I’ve purchased that has been worn with regularity are Louis Vuitton scarves I purchased one Christmas with matching purses, for some reason, this was believe it or not, a “hit” among the girls in my family!

My niece Leigh Ann loves wearing brand items and although I’m not one to advertise for others, Michael Kors appears in nearly every family photo in recent years and, the tiny Texas Twins know every brand by sight or name. I would never wear a brand plastered across an article of clothing unless of course, I was paid to promote the brand. I do not understand this odd trend of designer fashion that requires wearing what would appear to be a billboard across ones chest or worse, their bottom!

Advertising for others is something I have never done. I remove the dealer frame immediately when purchasing a vehicle. I wear a Patek Phillipe watch that is always mistaken for a Timex.

What can one do? We live in a Walmart society where sleep pants and house slippers are everyday attire and, FAILING to comb or style ones hair prior to leaving your home is acceptable behavior!

If you were from another country on “casual Friday” in Fort Worth, you would assume that no one had their clothing pressed at the airport or, downtown offices. I’m at the courthouses here on Friday and consistently aghast at the white collar employees “casual choices” for attire.

Dressing for travel is a thing of the past these days. On a recent trip I observed that nearly all travelers were clothed in t shirts and jogging pants. Obviously, there was not a gym at either LAX or DFW airports.

Taking pride in your appearance has taken a backseat to comfort. Why? How did this happen? I continue to be amazed by this transition in society.

This Christmas, I’ve decided to stop buying dress clothes for a family who apparently either give away these items or, stash them in the attic where I will never see them again.

Dressing my family is and always will be an escapade in futility- perhaps I shall just throw my hands in the air this holiday season and understand that one day they will awaken to the fact that proper attire isn’t a fad and take my advice.

One can always hope for miracles!