Our longtime friend Debbie Poteet contacted me a few weeks ago regarding her upcoming wedding in Jacksboro, Texas today needing photography and video so I quickly put a call into my niece Leigh Ann Blais to see if she could join me on a road trip.  Debbie and I went over my floral inventory to double check whether or not I had bouquets and bouteniers in her colors but I didn’t and instructed her to visit Hobby Lobby and use the coupon on her phone for a discount.

After a few hurdles finding her a cake within her budget, Debbie located someone to handle the cake and I loaned her my cake stand and serving set to pull everything together.  Her son and daughter really enjoyed posing with her for photos after the wedding today.

Since Cindy, Leigh Ann and I were out of town at a wedding, Cindy’s husband Steve took our mini me twins, Maryssa and Makenna to the movies in Weatherford.  My family love going to movies and have since I was very young.  We are especially looking forward to movie days at Thanksgiving and Christmas because my sister and I often do “movie marathons” catching 2-3 new releases.

Steve and the twins always find something to do when my sister and I are off at an event.  Years ago, the twins were often flower girls at most of our weddings but now that they are 13, they prefer to stay with their “papa” Steve or my husband Matthew.  

Leigh Ann never leaves her 2 year old daughter behind so Madyson is always on location with us and Cindy keeps an eye on her.  Madyson is always a big hit with other children and loves to play.  A few months ago, Madyson and Leigh Ann joined us at the NOH8 Campaign with Adam Bouska.  Madyson is Cindy’s only granddaughter with red hair and blue eyes although my son “carries” the redhead gene from us. 

The twins actually look more like my niece Leigh Ann than anyone else in our family which is a little ironic but my son looks like my sisters daughter (the twins mom) Stephaney.  People mistake my niece Leigh Ann for the twins mom all the time when we are together. 

After spending the afternoon in Jacksboro today Madyson was ready to get out of her stroller and do a little running around while we ran a few errands before dashing off to our next event, an Appraisal Appointment regarding a barter in exchange for a Baptism and Photography Package.

Since my son and daughter in law, Robert & Stephanie Hafele were busy in Dallas at another event, I sent a quick text to see how their event was going and do a little “catching up.”

Madyson is growing up fast and keeps her cousins Maryssa and Makenna busy so I’m really looking forward to taking her to her first trip to the Fort Worth Zoo next week and see if she loves it as much as her mom did when she was a little girl.

I’ve loaned my centerpieces to two organizations that reached out to me this month and while that may raise a few eyebrows among other event vendors, loaning items is on a case by case basis and if I have something in my storeroom that will work, I make arrangements directly with the organization.

As we prepare for another busy Sunday and a week full of Prison Weddings and pre Marital Counseling Appointments, I’m glad we had to run and help Debbie with her wedding today and know how important photos of a Life Event are to clients which is why we offer an Officiant/Photography Package for far less than other vendors because we believe that everyone should have photography and work hard to keep prices affordable.

If you are bartering event services, please understand that we cannot accept gasoline, ammunition or livestock.  Clients can upload a photo and their event wishes directly to this site but an Appraisal Appointment gives me an opportunity to go over the cost of the services you are wanting while having an opportunity to go over your trade in person although you may have already uploaded a photo of your item online.

Wendy M Wortham