Did you know that 2.4 million weddings will take place this year? Chances are you will be invited to one of them.

My niece, Stephaney Mahaney has always had a “dream” of her ideal wedding dress and watched her sister, Leigh Ann marry a few years ago while acting as the Maid of Honor.

A few years prior, my son (the youngest of our family) married first in a beautiful ceremony at the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth.

Frankly, doing all of the flowers and ceremony details is a LOT of work so, I’m not in a big hurry for another family wedding.

Stephaney’s day will come and, I hope that her choice for a mate will meet the approval of my sister and I along with the tiny Texas Twins aka The Little Pawners.

After all, Stephaney has yet to have one suitor that my twin, Cindy Daniel and I haven’t wanted to “drop kick” into Oklahoma. Frankly, we believe that “we” should choose her Prince Charming and, will continue to “push our point” at every opportunity!

For now though, it’s time to focus on the “flip side” of all of her friends getting married and, look on the bright side!

From a very young age, every girl apparently dreams of the perfect dress and, my family is certainly no exception to the rule, what woman isn’t fascinated with a stunning wedding gown?

Weddings have joys and occasionally, traumas. You can meet new friends, or find an old friend. You can learn about the type of commitments you’d want for yourself whether you ever marry- or not.

Let’s examine the “fun” aspects of being a serial wedding guest and look at our glass as half full:

1. A great excuse to go buy yourself something while using the excuse that you are “shopping for a wedding gift”
2. Delicious Free Food- let’s face it, wedding food ROCKS. The exotic snacks, the uber cool side dishes and your unexpected dining partners are always interested in “cracking into conversation”
3. Weddings are like “Church Camp.” You find yourself spending more time than you ever anticipated by being involved with “group events” involved with the wedding. IE; the bachelorette party, the rehearsal, the wedding, the wedding shower etc.
4. Love is in the air- Let’s face it, somebody is going to get lucky even if it isn’t you and, watching the “pickup” from afar is just as funny to me as it is to you.
5. Watching two people make a lifetime commitment to one another can often force you to re evaluate your own life.

The truth is, weddings can be fun! How often do you have an opportunity to hug everyone you see? Oh, the tales you will tell! That’s right, remember the guy you hadn’t seen since high school? What about that allergic “peanut reaction?” How about that “tongue tied toast” your brother in law (a little sauced up) attempted to deliver? The beautiful blonde cheerleader you envied? She is now obese and working at Walmart! That’s right, weddings can make you feel better about not being married on occasion and, even if you never attend a high school reunion, you still have an opportunity to see what happened with those classmates that you were so envious of years ago.

The stories, the laughs, the memories! They never end and, neither do all of the things that happen at weddings 🙂

Wendy M Wortham