My son and my niece share birthdays a few weeks apart and normally “share” their birthday party but this year due to a busy schedule of weddings and events- Cindy and I decided to host two separate parties due to the work schedules of my son and my niece. 

 Cindy and I treated Stephanie and our Little Pawners (Stephaney’s twin daughters) Maryssa and Makenna to lunch while I had taken my son, Robert and his wife, Stephanie Hafele to dinner last week. 

We juggle numerous events and with my aunt Shirley’s 50th anniversary party just around the corner on August 8 and several other weddings and events, this year was a little more slapped together than our usual carnival, six flags or water park adventure.  


Robert’s birthday is July 10 and Stephaney’s is July 23rd but with everyone running around with events and work schedules- there simply wasn’t any time for a regularly scheduled group event for either of the kids and hopefully we can rain check it later next month. 


We are still developing film from Tuesday nights wedding and hope to have the edited prints online soon. This was a sponsored event due to the timing and finances of the couple but, Robert and Stephanie jumped in to help. 

 They often save and show me my “in charge” photos during the set up and execution of an event but- the entire team understands that this “fearless leader” leaves Robert and Stephanie Hafele alone because I trust their judgment to take beautiful photos and they are seasoned pro’s at working well with children. 

Cindy, of course, is visiting with guests and enjoying the party (as usual) while entertaining everyone. All the kids really enjoyed our homemade chalkboards too. 

 Often, I’m also the boss of guests and the bridal party to get everything going and double check they are ready to walk the aisle. 

  I go over everyone personally and take great pride in my floral designs as well- everything must be as close to perfect as humanly possible for me.  

Stephanie and Robert are very good at taking photos from opposite angles to ensure we have a selection of the best photos. I chose the bridal bouquet and maid of honor bouquet from my inventory at Texas Twins Treasures to coordinate the corsages and boutenniers and think Robert abd Stephanie Hafele did another amazing job of photography at this wedding!

 Tuesday evening, Stephanie “belted out” her rendition of you’re going to miss me when I’m gone and surprised me with her harmony- we may just be a family of singers after all! 


With the Little Pawners having a slumber party at WorthamWorld, I’m now off to supervise a cooking show since no one eats the same thing around here and thankful that Roy Pope, our country styled and family owned market where everybody knows your name is right around the corner from our home. Maryssa is still dealing with her infected ingrown toenail but at least she’s off the crutches while Makenna twisted her ankle on my stairs and sprained her ankle- twins, what can you do? We spend more time at a hospital around here than most paramedics ya all.  Between the Little Pawners and our three older kids, someone always has something going on!  Lately, it’s Leigh Ann for her medical appointments.  I should have a preferred parking sticker, lol.

 Although life is often “busy, busy, busy  around here,” I’ve finally found the perfect princess for the wedding dress I’ve been saving for two years, I will officiate and provide flowers while gifting the wedding dress to this beautiful young bride at Willow Lake Event Center August 14.  I love the venue there and am looking forward to it. Joanna called me a few nights ago and was overwhelmed that my team is committed to making her Dream Event wedding a reality! 


While this years birthday parties were a little unorganized, my volunteer work and schedule should ease up by mid August and we will once again plan a family affair at one of our favorite water parks for a day of fun and sun with two sets of twins and our rowdy family in Fort Worth, Texas! 

 Classic #Cindyism observations of our current schedule- Our children don’t EXPECT a LOBSTER dinner, on our CATFISH budget! We were busier than a couple of SURFERS during a TSUNAMI. Our kids were HAPPIER than a BULL rider on opening day of the STOCK show. My twin sister is QUICKER than SCHOOLYARD gossip! She’s smart! (Me) 

My son and his wife just arrived at WorthamWorld to upload the wedding photos and enjoy a home cooked meal, while I have beautiful crystal glasses and several types of drinks are, my son always hits the bar closet for to go cups #Redneck #Reality.  Have a wonderful evening ya all. Stephanie is always cold at WorthamWorld while everyone else is on the verge of warm.  August is certainly going to be a hot one in Fort Worth, Texas! 

 Wendy M Wortham