It isn’t all “wine and roses” in the wedding and events industry.  Most of our clients can’t afford to hire our “high falooting” competitors who use standard pricing for wedding officiants, photography or floral designs.  You see, our costs are far below fair market value for a very good reason, we don’t compete with big businesses. Texas Twins TV describes our unique dive into the wedding and events industry from Fort Worth, Texas for two sets of twins from Texas.

Cindy Daniel And Wendy Wortham-The Pawning Planners

Instead, we are here to help the folks that can’t afford to trade with our fancy and expensive vendors.  That’s right, our target market is the hardworking, struggling American family who has nowhere else to turn but, the Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Team to make their Dream Event a reality!!! 

We meet some fairly “interesting folks” and, some genuinely nice people who cannot believe that we are helping them with their Dream Event on a shoestring budget!  Texans are always interesting some are country folk, some are city folk but all of them share a common bond- the desire for a Dream Event.  For families who have nothing to trade- we offer low cost services along with a list of our services at my sister site Texas Twins Events

Cindy Daniel And Kristen Webley

My twin sister is often off “visiting” with the guests and having a laugh with her ever present roll of duct tape when she isn’t posing for a “selfie” Cindy Daniel is saucy, fun loving and quick with a comeback to anything under the sun! Cindyism Cindy Daniel- The Saucy Sidekick YouTube is her own way of using quirky Texas humor to describe what’s going on with a cynical twist of Redneck Reality.

Cindy Daniel Poses With Her “Miracle Duct Tape” Used At Nearly Every Event

The reality is that granting a Dream Wish from start to finish involves a lot of work and at the end of the day when your business is based on people rather than “gettin Rich quick” it’s best you know how to “hit a lick!” We work with what I’ve already built up in my existing inventory but often need new items and without a sponsor have to rely on my own skills to “make a buck” here and there.

Makenna And Maryssa Mahaney -The Little Pawners

Even our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney know what to look for when hitting the thrift stores and flea markets looking for items to refurbish and trade at Texas Twins Treasures to generate the funds we use for sponsored events when families either don’t have any money or, we can’t find anything they own to “flip” for services.  It happens ya all!  When we don’t have funding- we “beat every bush to find it” by flipping, trading or selling something which is the Redneck Reality of our lives and dedication to strangers who become our friends throughout our unique journey.

Wendy Wortham With The Magee Family At Willow Lake Event Center

Yesterday I met with Joanna Magee at the Willow Lake Event Center to discuss her upcoming wedding August 14 with her husband, a veteran and two darling children.  My dedicated readers already know that I’ve gifted Joanna with a wedding dress I bought two years ago saving for a special lady to wear on her special day and that I will be doing her make up with Cindy working on her hair.  I’m also buying cowboy hats for her sons to wear with jeans and their existing boots and wedding shoes for Joanna to walk the aisle in.  Since some of you don’t understand the Dream Event process on sponsored families- I’m laying it out for you today- when folks come to me with their unique story of why they desire a Dream Event but, don’t have any money, my team pull together everything we have to “pull it off!”  

Joanna Magee Wearing A Loaned Wedding Dress From Texas Twins Treasures Along With Loaned Floral Designs By Wendy Wortham Poses With Flower Girls Makenna And Maryssa Mahaney At The “Dream Event Of Joanna Magee”

  Occasionally, we have to sell something in order to buy things we don’t already have in inventory and are working on marketing strategies in order to find more funding for deserving families.  It isn’t “easy” or free to pull off a Dream Event- it requires sacrifice and my team committing to the project and working together to get the job done.


Our darling Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney will be flower girls and I will also be providing the Centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres, ring pillow, flower baskets and decorations  to ensure this wedding is beautiful for the family to cherish and remember. 

Robert Hafele Makenna and Maryssa Mahaney and Stephanie Hafele

My son and his wife, Robert and Stephanie Hafele will be providing photography of this event and we are looking forward to being back at a beautiful family owned venue in Weatherford. We met with proprietor Kelley several months ago and liked her right off the bat.  This family owned venue is worth checking out ya all.

Kelly Of Willow Lake Event Center With Wendy Wortham

As we get everything together for a 50th wedding anniversary next weekend in Gordon, Texas, the Little Pawners make a run into the post office to mail Texas Twins Treasures items that were sold to find funding for this event- you see we believe in what we are doing for families SO MUCH that I sell my own belongings to fund the event now that’s commitment baby! 

My Multigenerational Texas Twins Events Team Is Committed To Making Weddings & Event Services Affordable To Everyone Regardless Of Their Income By Taking Trades For Services

You see, I’ve been where they are and understand their plight which is why I started Texas Twins Events to offer low cost wedding and event services. Struggling to find funding for Dream Events has been a four year struggle for me that I’m finding ways to resolve with creative flair along with my cynical sidekick, Cindy Daniel.  Her witty one liners will soon be available of coffee cups and tshirts.

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney


Changing the wedding and events industry one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas hasn’t been “easy” or “smooth” but, for the hundreds of families we’ve helped, their Dream Event gave them hope and compassion and, it inspired them to become more involved within their community to help others. 

Flower Girls Maryssa And Makenna Mahaney Floral Designs By Wendy Wortham

Fundraising For The Gordon Fire Department Shirley and James Dickson With Wendy Wortham

Dream Event Of Lisa and Terry Williams Texas Twins Events Team

Reverend Wendy Wortham

Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham- Travels of the Texas Twins

 Reaching back to give families the gift of a beautiful wedding, memorial, baptism, birthday, anniversary, family reunion or funeral has taken us here, there and everywhere and I know many of you are anxious to read our story Travels of the Texas Twins we will also be helping our Little Pawners with their view and experiences within the wedding and events industry with their children’s book, Travels of the Tiny Texas Twins-Twinning.


Coming soon! Cindyism Tshirts, Caps and Coffee Cups will be available for purchase to help us fund worthy families who don’t have either the funding or a “flip” for services.  Help support Dream Events by visiting our web store Texas Twins Treasures- Home of Pawning Planners Merchandise Coming Soon! Help us to help worthy families and wear a quirky Cindyism tshirt or drink your morning cup of Joe out of a Pawning Planners mug knowing your purchase helped sponsor a worthy family.  Together we can give the gift of kindness by reaching back and helping each other?

Wendy M Wortham