Yesterday while dropping off my cleaning at an area discount dry cleaners, my young friend who has benefitted for perhaps some 14 years of hand me down clothing from my son and my sisters daughters for her own children asked me about a dream event for her daughter.  Of course, I committed to granting a Dream Birthday Event.

My concept of giving back and thereby Creating Unity Within My Community is perhaps one of my greatest achievements and with my Talented Texas Twins Team, we’ve granted hundreds of Dream Events for hard working families who otherwise would have never been able to afford an event.  

Pawning Planners Pilot Episode YouTube follows my hilarious sidekick and creator of #Cindyism (saucy Texas humor quotes) Cindy Daniel through the process of finding items to “flip” for our services that I refurbish and sell through Texas Twins Treasures to recover the cost of the event.  For folks who have nothing to trade, I offer low cost options at my sister site Texas Twins Events
 A lot of folks “just don’t understand” how “the pawn” part of The Pawning Planners works.  Let’s say the consumer has old farm equipment, antique furniture etcetera but, doesn’t have any money for a Dream Event.  

I will normally go to their home with my twin sister, Cindy Daniel and “dig through their stuff” for something worth refurbishing and reselling to cover the cost of the event.  This process takes a little time and normally the “flip” is refurbished and listed for sale prior to the event.

The ability to refurbish and also make floral designs and decorations is often referred to by my sister as Hillbilly How To’s meaning that we are capable of doing everything ourselves with what we have on hand.  By doing this, we keep our costs very low and are able to help many more families by saving money with Do It Yourself or, Redneck Reality Redo’s with my team of Texas Twins Events Troopers.  Everyone brings a different talent to the table and together, we effectively overcome most any obstacle in our path.

Keeping costs very low is key in all aspects of our dream events- creative thinking and planning make this possible. 

 Now, let’s say someone contacts me and says “I’ve had a storage unit for years and I think I have a lot of seasonal decor that you could use for your business.” Cindy and I load everything up, go through it and plan the estate sale while keeping items to use for future dream events. You see, thinking in a circle for future events and carefully storing, or even refurbishing items to use at future events or list for sale keeps costs down and, makes dreams come true! #win #win.

Maria had never been able to afford a birthday party and, the family are a close knit Catholic Hispanic family who would need a translator. We have one with my niece, Stephaney Mahaney.

When people ask how or why I thought of this or that- I think in a circle. That’s right, if I needed something at one event- I plan ahead for the next event.

Cindy can fix dang near anything that breaks, rips or tears and often has numerous quick fix items in her bra or apron to resolve an emergency at the 11th hour during the crucial “final moments” just prior to SHOWTIME!

When hitting area thrift stores (that also support your community) to search for items to either “flip, swap or sell” I’m keenly searching for the item that I haven’t seen before or, that’s incredibly unusual with woodwork or some strange attribute that catches my eye.

Cindy is searching for sunglasses, purses, leather riding boots and the like. Our little Pawners love name brands and often “hit a lick” with a leather Coach or Fossil purse or wallet. 

 The Pawn works because it works in conjunction with the Dreamer desiring a Dream Event. These folks are willing to work with us and most importantly appreciate what we do to help them achieve the event they’ve never been able to afford. 

 Because I’ve been selling most of my entire life- I know what buyers want and, I know what they are willing to “pay a premium” to buy. You see, I only sold high end clothing, furs, cars and furniture. Because of this, whatever I “flip” is unique and, I’ve spent not only the time to refurbish the item but also, the passion to do it with flair. Therefore, my items sell at a higher cost point because I have the intuitive nature to realize that I am not alone in my quest for the unique- the one of a kind “find.”

Walking into my home is like walking into a museum, everywhere you look are one of a kind treasures (which is why my Ebay storefront is called Texas Twins Treasures). I have the weird, the funky, the beautiful, the artistic and the rare throughout my home and, if you can find it easily, I don’t want it! I don’t want anything that can be found at a mall, big box store or that is generic in nature and effect. Such items bore me, rather I’m willing to find the weird, the eclectic and the funky and spend years if necessary to bring it back to the original state and use fabrics to give the piece “some personality!”

Often visitors spend time just walking around “taking everything in.” My home is an extension of my personality that has the unique attribute of willing to learn how to bring a wood grain back to life, understand the dynamic of mixing a pattern or texture and, I’m willing to start all over if I’m not happy with the finished product. I’m patient, I have an “idea” of how I think the piece will look and- on more than a few occasions, I’ve ripped it apart and started over again in my “quest for perfection.” 

 Selling something you are passionate about is much easier than you might think! After all, you are excited about the item and, you are knowledgeable regarding the product. Selling something you love and would own yourself builds value and, selling quality that will last a lifetime is an investment that savvy shoppers are willing to pay for and, ironically our best customers. By making money from something I enjoy- I’ve been able to create businesses that were never intended to “make money” quite the opposite, The Pawning Planners and Texas Twins Events were created to “give back” to my community and, involve my family with the “flip” “swap” or, “trade.”

Giving others the beautiful event that my twin, Cindy and I have never enjoyed ourselves was the goal and will always be the goal of my unique business venture. Whether it’s a going away party for a soldier, wedding, LBGT union, birthday party, baptism or funeral, the importance of exceeding consumer expectations is very important to not only me, but also, my team.

 Because the only three times in hundreds of events that I’ve had to seek civil remedies was with two families and one venue that most assuredly could afford “market rate fees” but, did everything they could to “get out of paying up!”

Which, once again proves that truly deserving families are the reason I started Texas Twins Events in the first place. By merging Texas Twins Events and Texas Twins Treasures, I’m looking for the folks who are worthy of our commitment, our sacrifice and our passion to make their dreams come true from Fort Worth, Texas.

You see, by helping people that no one else would “lend a hand to” I’ve effectively given them hope in humanity and, they will reach back and open their hearts and their possessions to someone else.

I’ve got to tell you that working with the lower income families is such a joy compared to the “have’s” that beat you down on everything while wanting “something for nothing” and, either not paying for it or complaining about the reduced fee so much that I wind up “giving it to them.”

My goal was to reach the TRULY NEEDY, the truly appreciative and the truly deserving people. 

 I’m always amazed at the folks who say “they don’t have any money” and yet, run off to buy an exotic trip, house, car, boat, etc.

Frankly, working with the LBGT community and the low to moderate families is and perhaps always will be the most rewarding aspect of my venture and, not only for myself and my twin, but also for the entire Texas Twins Team. 

 I’ve said before and I will say it again, spoiled consumers think “the world owes them everything.” Hard working Americans that cannot afford a vacation or a meal out with their families are the MOST thankful and loving clients I’ve ever met. They are also lifelong friends who commit to help us in our journey and understand why offering them the gift of a dream event is important to me, my family and my community. 

 Perhaps because I’ve been in their shoes and understand their situation, I relate to them better than an affluent “fat cat” but, as luck would have it, I’m assuredly smart enough to walk away from the drama and right into the hands of a family that appreciates my commitment, my resilience and my dream. 

 Next month Maria and her family will celebrate with us and their daughter the first birthday party her family has ever had the luxury of enjoying and, with help from our previous clients and community- together, we will be one family, one community and be thankful that reusing, recycling and “the pawn” made it possible with my partner, Cindy and our little Pawners along with the Texas Twins Team- anything is possible!

Diana Ross had a fantastic idea years ago with her hit song “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand.” I know all the words, I understand all the meanings and, I’ve spent my life trying to do just that. 

 Wendy M Wortham
Travels of the Texas Twins