Last week while at a fundraiser in Dallas, my weary SUV suffered a blow to the passenger mirror.  The driver didn’t leave a note and my husband, Matthew Wortham taped the cracked assembly back together which worked for several days until strong winds yesterday “knocked the mirror off” at 70 mph on HWY 30.  We both liked behind us as several cars ran over it!  

My husband drove to Frank Kent Hyundai of Fort Worth to order a new one.  The problem was it isn’t a “stock item” so, we ran to Jerry’s Hyundai in Weatherford right past a the shiny new Santa Fe’s to the service department where we told the same thing. 


My husbands truck was hit days after buying it in a parking lot while having lunch with Mearl McBee.  He never bothered fixing this dent- he rationalizes that “someone else will just hit me again and, it will raise the insurance rates.”  The rubber fell off his truck cover last year and he hasn’t fixed that either, instead he lifts the sagging seals to get his tools from the back of his truck and laughs. 


Arriving from a run to the auto parts store this beautiful Sunday morning, my husband announces “I have a solution and it cost less than $5.00” I examined the “solution.”  My husband as well as my brother in law, Steve Daniel pride themselves on never spending any money- the #ghettofabulous #hillbillyhowto #redneckreality results are often embarrassing but, Cindy Daniel and I are used to their crafty duct tape solutions. My CD player stopped working three years ago and I can’t tell you how much I miss it since I hate radio commercials, the back seat pocket is torn from stuffing cartoon DVDs for our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney and the Santa Fe emblems wore off my floor mats years ago.  Ghetto Groovy😉 my SUV is a workhorse that has assuredly seen “better days!” 

 My husband doesn’t believe in wasting his cherished duct tape reserve so, he enlisted my assistance in this “incident project.”  I handed the “scalpel” aka his handy pocket knife.  While my unwitting neighbors walked by gawking and I tried not to laugh at the disastrous result of his “solution,” Matthew Wortham reminded me (once again) cars are only a form of transportation to get from point A to point B and, we live in the house not our vehicles. 


A lot of folks don’t realize that my seemingly quiet husband Matthew is hilarious and has a witty sense of humor to the point that I’m occasionally choking from my stifled laughs around WorthamWorld.  It is well known that our home is immaculate 24 hours a day and heaven forbid something be out of place!  The cars on the other hand are another matter altogether.  I’m surprised no one wonders why we don’t wash them most of the time? I give up- something else might “fall off!” 

 Yesterday while being enamored with all the shiny new suv’s my husband turns and says “you know I bet we can get another 200k miles out of your SUV.”  He means it too.. Oh well, guess I don’t need to “worry” about anyone wanting to steal my SUV with a duct taped back seat and numerous other “quick fixes” it’s hardly anyone’s first choice but, it gets me from A to B and one day perhaps we will trade it in for a shiny new one. 


I “touched up” the passenger fender myself after my husband heard it would cost over $650 to repair the damage.  You know, sometimes I realize that our name, The Pawning Planners suits us✌️  

Wendy M Wortham