Recently I was contacted regarding traveling to coordinate and officiate a Hill Country Wedding with my Texas Twins Events Team, our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney and my hilarious sidekick partner, Cindy Daniel.

Prior to quoting either a bid or trade however, I dug into the feasibility of locating items and essential elements in order to “pull the event off with my stellar requirements of beauty and emotion” at locations fit for a princess right here in Texas!

Falkenstein Castle offers glorious views of hillside and is located at 7400 Park Road 14 South in Burnett, Texas. Although this is a private residence, the property can also be rented out for weddings and film projects. This property was built in 1996 by developer Terry Young.

Castle Avalon in New Braunfels, Texas offers 160 acres for both wedding and film projects and offers easy access with operating hours Monday-Saturday from 9-5PM located at 10900 Hwy 46 West in Canyon Lake, Texas.

I inquired as to why the Bride had chosen castles for her wedding and was delightfully surprised to hear that a trip to Disneyland as a child was the basis for her Dream Event. You see, my twin and I had taken our twins, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney to a childhood visit twice over the past 6 years and, of course, they thought it the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

Growing up in Lompoc, California, my family often split time between both Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm.

While I’ve always enjoyed Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland is often the chosen “destination location” for tourists and I believe the reason is mainly due to the luscious beauty and creative insight from Disney Executives who both understand the fascination with theme parks as well as addressing the needs of older clients who enjoy luxury options.

While both parks offer a variety of fun for families, Disneyland’s beauty is significantly far more impressive for not only this Texas Twin but, also my family. For years the little Texas Twins have begged for a Disney Cruise and, dressed up as Princesses dreaming of their “themed weddings” which we all hope are FAR into our futures.

My favorite park ride has always been the Haunted Castle, with “It’s a Small World” running a very close second place. I’ve yet to visit the adjoining park at Disneyland for at my age- visiting one park is all the exercise that Cindy Daniel and I can stand.

The idea of being a Princess for a day seems to be every girls dream and with many childhood memories of the various Disney Princess movies- this makes perfect sense.

However, the expense involved with such an extravaganza may prove to be an unworkable event for this young Bride “on a budget.”

Providing unique and interesting venues in Texas has become big business and because of this, many young couples are “priced out of their dream event.”

Not one to take a challenge lightly, I quickly added that Dallas Medieval Times also offers a “castle” complete with knights and the round table but, although our Little Pawners would love to see this magnificent structure, the ambience of my option (although suggested in jest) was not well received.

As we move on through the season, it quickly becomes apparent that many Brides have carefully designed creative ideas from both Pinterest Boards and Google Indexes.

Sadly, costs associated with the affair are often the LAST item reviewed by Brides on a Budget. However, I shall work feverishly to find an affordable option.

I’m looking forward to our next visit to California and although my family loves Disneyland and most certainly always will, I would love to show them the amusement park that had me seated behind my brother on the Log Ride that left me with memories of riding donkeys around the mountain which is a memory I will always treasure since my love of all fun parks has been a lifelong passion of fun and adventure with my sister and our families but, have never encountered such a unique “ride” as the trip travelled on donkeys.

Disneyland will always be the “happiest place on earth” whether there are donkeys or not and frankly, for nearly ten years, North Texans have heard rumors regarding a theme park that will trump the Arlington location of Six Flags Over Texas.

Disneyland denies plans for a future park in Cowtown, it should be noted that con artists have made a lot of money from “duped” investors and are facing criminal charges (as they well should be.)

Perhaps, in a few years, a trip to the local park for a wedding will be in my future? I’m hoping the answer is (of course) yes!

Wendy M Wortham
Texas Twins Events