Featured on the above news interview, I was asked why I was attending this event since I was not gay. I found this question offensive for numerous reasons but mainly because I support my community, my neighbors, my friends and the rights of choice regarding alternative lifestyles. Telling this reporter that I believe love is love was a statement from my heart! Next month I am traveling to Oklahoma with the Morgan Family where same sex marriage is LEGAL and, I’m registered as a wedding officiant with the state to ONCE AGAIN, point out that Texas is making a mistake for failing to recognize same sex unions!

This morning I packed up the SUV with Two Sets of Twins to Travel to the NOH8 Campaign in Dallas.

I had been asked to attend this event with my trio of twins by a friend of the Texas Gay Rodeo Association because when two sets of Texas Twins show up at events- we get some attention baby!

Grabbing my fabulous rainbow colored boas, we were ready to rally in support of our friends within the LBGT community.

Celebrity photographer, Adam Bouska, and partner Jeff Parshley, came to capture the fight for marriage equality in the heart of Dallas.

I was on several news channels quoted as saying that I was there to support Same Sex Marriage in Texas because of my many friends within the Gay Community because “I believe that love is love and that all couples should have the same rights and privileges.” My statement was cut to “we believe love is love” by television news and press releases. I have witnessed many friends lose the right to make burial decisions- I oversaw the funerals myself. Reporters were unaware that I am a Minister and humanitarian. My reasons for continuing the fight to legalize same sex marriage are personal- I’ve lost many LBGT friends to suicide and council school aged children who are victims of bullying.

Ironically, I had handed a business card to the three reporters flagging me down and interrupting as I had a conversation with Adam Bouska regarding sending him more “loaner” white tshirts as they were running low.

Obviously, had the reporter taken a moment and read my card- he knew my name. Secondly, I’m often stopped at events and interviewed- I have no idea why. The two gentlemen interviewed were in front of us at the event and posed for a few photos with us posted on my twin sisters FB page. I also gave them a business card to find their photos and tag themselves.

You see, I admire Adam as well as his campaign and therefore, altered my own schedule to take two sets of twins to Dallas and support my community. When I was asked why I was there because I am not gay- my answer was simple “why not?!” This issue affects everyone.

I also “borrowed” four tshirts for the #littlepawners and #thepawningplanners from Adam 🙂

The Texas Twins Events Team and my family will continue to fight for civil rights of our friends and our community and appreciate Adam taking the time to visit Dallas, he is a champion of human rights.

Interviewed for television regarding why myself and the Texas Twins Team of Twins would be there by a young reporter, I calmly explained my reasons for bringing my family to make a statement about something that was near and dear to my heart- bullying!

I don’t care what color you are, I don’t care what religion you are- love is love.

Members in the LBGT Community deserve to love and be loved while enjoying the same privileges and freedoms of same sex couples.

The fact that this event brought thousands of North Texans out today speaks volumes of why I believe Texas should legalize same sex unions.

Reverend Wendy Wortham
Texas Twins Events