Yesterday while doing my usual running around to pack both SUV’s, make sure everyone went to the bathroom and going over the clothing for the Morgan Event- I had an idea.

The personalities of our group are diverse to such an extent that No One agrees on anything around here, luckily, I make the rules Bahaha! Cindy Daniel throws in her iconic #cindyisms and our little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna love to be a part of celebrations with my son and his wife, Robert and Stephanie Hafele handling the photography and Stephaney Mahaney bilingual with Ann Alexander, Virginia Malone, Leigh Ann Blais along with Angela Rodden, I’ve got to add that we are not hiring and have no plans to hire help, my team is well rounded with committed family and friends who have stood by me through thick and thin, my loyalty is known far and wide.

Cindy Daniel and I often call each other on cell phones while “caravanning” so, I told her I have a great idea to which she replied “not again!”

Let’s face it, I do have great ideas but my family often views them as “off the wall.”

My latest great idea was for a game type show that would have everyone from the Texas Twins Events Team/Pawning Planners helping me be a matchmaker. I would call it “Twogether With The Texas Twins Team.”

Cindy laughed and asked “let me guess, we find the perfect partner and then marry them on The Pawning Planners?” I said you bet! Why not?

Since no one in my family can agree on anything, I think it would be hilarious. Traveling with the Texas Twins Team is always unpredictable no one wants to eat at the same restaurant or even stop at the same gas station- which is why the “Captain” Wendy Wortham makes these choices for everyone.

I had my son, Robert Hafele along with his wife Stephanie Hafele and Ann Alexander in my vehicle with the wedding flowers and decorations along with the vitally important wedding cake.

Cindy had the Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney along with her daughter, Stephaney Mahaney and the rest of the wedding decorations in her SUV.

Telling the crew my idea for a show and throwing in that I could marry the ones who actually got along well enough to make a commitment, for once my “team” agreed, it would certainly be a funny concept and they would watch it.

So you see, we not only band together with unique personalities to overcome obstacles at events, occasionally we agree on something now and then too #score! Ironically, the Tiny Texas Twins wanted to contribute after Maryssa threw in “we never had a dad, Papa and Uncle Matthew are our dads so, we would want to vote on their ability to be good dads.” She was right, by combining my husband and Cindy’s husband Steve our family had “once again” overcome adversity by combining the skills of others within our own circle to complete the task of having father figures for our young twin darlings.

Traveling to Lake Murray at full throttle since I had accidentally ruined my niece Stephaney Mahaney’s dress by attempting to use bronze oil to tan her legs while Cindy put on her make up in the car and my son continued to load, I had to quickly add running to Ross to purchase another dress to our schedule- jeez.

Now running a full 45 minutes behind schedule, it was noted after arguing over radio stations in my SUV that we had forgotten the CD player! Another unexpected run through Walmart was added.

Radio stations while traveling are always an issue for our group, I enjoy classic 70s while the little twins like pop rock, Stephaney Mahaney likes metal rock and my son is somewhere in the middle.

We met a photographer friend from the 2013 unification event on the courthouse steps who had come to take photos for Bambi and Deanna. I found it amazing that nearly three years later, I was traveling to Oklahoma to legally marry these wonderful ladies and again meeting Mike Rice.

Taking wedding photos with Mike, my son and his wife were in awe over Mike’s impressive camera and (no surprise) told me that when we can afford it, they would love the full screen version like Mike’s.

One of the guests asked where I found the wedding bouquets, floral designs and unique chalkboards? The answer is I didn’t find them, I tore apart existing inventory flowers from my Texas Twins Treasures inventory and “whipped up” a bridal bouquet and boutennier with four additional corsage and/or boutenniers along with 10 Centerpieces and then purchased board that I used chalkboard paint on and my twin, Cindy Daniel applied lace ribbon to.

The main reason I’m so creative and thrifty along with my twin is the primary concept of my business because we’ve been poor! We had to learn how to create fabulous things with very little money and had the talent to accomplish this task flawlessly, had we been rich I would have never started a business to address low to moderate income families now would I? No, I do what I do because there is a genuine need within every community for families who would love a nice event but simply cannot afford one. By making or remaking floral designs and making our own chalkboard signs, other families with little money can enjoy a beautiful wedding photo with our handcrafted “props.” Everything I own is recycled over and over again with the investment of time but other than that, charred fingers from glue guns and help from Cindy, accomplish the vision of a beautiful event with very little investment for the couple.

The wedding ceremony included a sand ceremony and memorial to Bambi’s father and brother who had passed. Including additional elements into a ceremony is an important part of honoring those no longer with us.

Finding lifelong friends who have travelled our unique journey with us is a gift that I’ve always treasured. You see by creating lasting relationships I’ve found not only the gift of friendship but also had the great fortune to have referral business from previous clients.

As we wait for Texas to wake up and legalize same sex unions I answer correspondence from other lgbt couples asking if I’m willing to travel outside Texas to officiate their wedding? The answer is yes dear friends and, don’t forget the team! Without my motley crew of unique personalities, pulling off dream events would prove far more challenging to this Texas Twin.

Reverend Wendy Wortham
Texas Twins Events