There have been a few times that a rehearsal wasn’t scheduled but should have been and today we will revisit why a rehearsal is necessary when children are involved in the wedding party.

If you’ve been married before you probably have an idea of who walks where and stands here or there but, if you’ve only attended a wedding and haven’t actually been in the wedding party chances are that you may or may not remember where you are supposed to be.

We have orchestrated wedding rehearsals “on the fly” minutes prior to the ceremony when upon arriving, the wedding party is nervous regarding placement and walking.

One of the largest wedding parties I’ve ever had was in Corsicana and we did a few “run through’s” to make sure everyone knew where they were going. 

 When you have children in the party please remember that kids will be kids and don’t expect them to do everything on cue simply because they attended a rehearsal.  Children add an element of fun to wedding processionals because they are unpredictable and also because they are usually having a good time! 

Our “Little Pawners” Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney have been in numerous weddings and often help with smaller children.  They enjoy the wedding process and often have fun helping the other children.

Weddings require patience when walking with the wedding party for a number of reasons but mainly because the photographers need you to walk slowly in order to get a clean shot.  You should be separated by 2-3 feet from whoever is in front of you or, behind you.  Don’t run to the altar- take your time. 

 I normally lead the procession with the Groom and take our places to await everyone else but can be standing with the Groom at the altar depending on the couples preference.

Giving away the Bride is an important element of the ceremony and a great opportunity for a photo. I always suggest the father or parents or whoever is giving the Bride away take a moment to get a quick kiss prior to moving on with the ceremony.

Pets in the wedding- If you are being given away by your dog, horse or other pet- please make sure the pet has had ample time to relieve themselves prior to walking in the processional.

Both parents or grandparents giving the Bride away- If you wish to have both parents, please have your mother on one side and your father on the other in order for everyone to walk together.

Additional elements incorporated into your ceremony- I love creative input whether it’s a Rose Giving Ceremony, Hand Blessing, Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony.  Adding additional elements is especially important when children are a part  of the wedding to include them into the ceremony.

Hand written vows always seem to stress out couples and they shouldn’t.  Take a few minutes to write something that you remember that brought you together (your first date or other milestone) and incorporate that into why you’ve chosen to spend your life with this person.  Keep it simple and heartfelt and don’t feel burdened into writing a five page essay. 

 Wearing a veil or not- This is up to the Bride and the veil can be lifted by the father when giving the Bride away or by the husband prior to the kiss.

Your day- Your way-  Every element of your ceremony can be catered to your wishes and I encourage couples to go over ceremony details to ensure that their wishes or met.  If you’ve found a ceremony online that you like, please give me a copy.

Lastly, if you don’t want religion mentioned during your ceremony- please advise me prior to the wedding ceremony to ensure your wishes are met.

Why is there an additional charge for a rehearsal?  Well a rehearsal requires that I travel to the destination and make time in my schedule to accommodate you.

What is involved in a rehearsal?  We go over the walk and where to stand and discuss any additional elements that will be added.  I request that the Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, and parents involved in the ceremony attend because without all parties present- it’s difficult to orchestrate the processional.

Why aren’t the vows read at the rehearsal?  I do not go over the vows because the emotional element is lost and because the rehearsal does not involve the entire ceremony.  It is meant to keep everyone comfortable during the future ceremony.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about rehearsals or wedding ceremonies.

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