Yesterday evening, after hurriedly packing up the estate sale for Virginia Malone at my home, Cindy and I along with our Little Pawners aka The Tiny Texas Twins dashed to the SUVs to head to Garland, Texas in order to provide a birthday party for Kimberly who had seen that we provide Dream Events on Facebook and contacted me.

We had met this young lady previously at a Bill Bean event several months ago in Dallas. No time for a shower, although we were pretty sweaty and haggard from the two day liquidation event for my dear friend Virginia- it was a “bird bath” change of clothes and out the door to our next gig promised to Kimberly ya all!

Other than social media posts on FB, we had never spoken directly to her or knew very much regarding her background.

Rushing quickly to make the 1 1/2-2 hour drive from West Fort Worth, we didn’t have time to eat to even eat prior to ” putting the dash on it” in order to make the event on time. But, my wonderful husband packed some fried chicken tenders (not on my diet but hey- I’m sure I worked it of on Friday and Saturday) to eat on our road trip.

Bringing a blanket embroidered with the statement “May all your dreams come true” along with a birthday cake, beverages and a beanie baby for her birth month, we also had my son and his wife, Robert and Stephanie Hafele join us to ensure we had a group to sing happy birthday at the park location that Kimberly had chosen.

This birthday girl brought two friends with her and we were so pleased she did as my Texas Twins Team as well as myself really enjoyed visiting and learning their life stories while the Little Pawners played on the playground.

I’m glad we made the effort for this dream event for a number of reasons but mainly because the reason I started this business was to offer anyone regardless of budget an opportunity for something special to treasure for years to come.

Wendy Wortham
Texas Twins Events