My twin sister, Cindy Daniel and I have involved all of our children and grandchildren in community volunteer activities since they were old enough to walk. Why? Because volunteering teaches empathy, responsibility and children who volunteer are three times more likely to volunteer as adults!

Volunteering gives back to your community, children are more appreciative of what they have by realizing what others don’t.

I’m often asked about how others can find an opportunity to become involved in their own community and the best way is to visit or, visit your local yellow pages to find a match for your lifestyle and time available to involve yourself at an area hospital, nursing home, food pantry or school.

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney are involved in numerous communities throughout the metroplex and bring smiles wherever they go. I donate my time and talent by providing no cost funerals and silk arrangements to area funeral homes. Cindy has for years visited the Salvation Army House printing carloads of gifts handed out to the residents by our little twin “Elf’s” as well as visiting nursing homes with me and providing second hand books to area hospitals and delivering hot meals to seniors who are home bound. There are so many opportunities to find a way to give back.

Last night, a family in line ahead of us had a young son who kept looking at the DVDs. I asked which one he was searching for and he told me, Cindy and I picked out several including the Cat in the Hat, Curious George and a few others and handed them to the boy, his mother and father were shocked and delighted for they could not afford such extravagant items for their family. By opening your heart to the plights of others- you are building a sense of togetherness with your community, please take the time.

Do you have a car? Many seniors or seriously ill individuals would love a ride to the grocer or a doctor appointment.

Do you like to walk or jog? Join in a walk for breast cancer awareness, heart disease, AIDS or another area of interest.

Are you creative or artsy? Model a shoebox into a game box with festive designs and a deck of cards or dominoes inside.

Consider volunteering at your local school or, contributing to less fortunate children who can’t afford school photos, yearbooks or a field trip.

By making a difference in the lives of others, children learn what they live and by doing so can become more responsible, more tolerant, more giving and more compassionate to the plights of others.

Short on time? Have your children luck out a few groceries that are non perishable at every trip to the supermarket. Once the bag is full, take them with you to a church or community food pantry and drop it off along with unwanted or unused clothing or toys.

Your unwanted items are now recycled items that can be used by someone who is most assuredly thrilled to have them.

Wendy Wortham
Texas Twins Events