Wendy Wortham – Owner, Event Coordinator, Minister, Floral Designer, Appraiser & Designer

Cindy Daniel – Wendy’s twin sister and hilarious sidekick often keeps guests and wedding parties entertained with her quick wit as well as helping on location with set up and execution along with the appraisal process of the Pawning Planners

Robert Hafele – Wendy’s son is in charge of photography and videography as well as assisting with set up and tear down activities on location

Stephanie Hafele – Wendy’s daughter in law and wife of Robert Hafele, Stephanie works with Robert on location handling all aspects of photography and videography.

Maryssa Mahaney– Wendy’s grand niece assists children on location as well as often working at weddings as a flower girl, ring bearer or usher and is currently practicing photography

Makenna Mahaney – Wendy’s grand niece and twin to Maryssa Mahaney, Makenna enjoys working with the team and working at weddings as a flower girl, ring bearer and usher and is studying videography

Leigh Ann Blais – Wendy’s niece is on occasion a wedding singer and runner for last minute items when something is forgotten

Steve Daniel – Cindy’s husband assists with construction on location and is also entertaining with guests. Steve has never met a stranger and enjoys the social aspects of our weddings & events

Matthew Wortham – Wendy’s husband is often on call when anything goes wrong or one of the suv’s breaks down and is often our navigation expert when we are traveling on back roads to destinations

Tammi Leggett – Wendy and Cindy’s best friend can often be found assisting with photography and execution on location

Virginia Malone – Wendy’s surrogate mom helps with scheduling and client meetings