I have a unique story to share with ya all today.  A few months ago, Debbie Poteet contacted me for ideas to raise money for her daughter’s medical bills. Writing a blog on my other site to promote her needs Debbie Poteet Medical GoFundMe  a GoFundMe account was set up by Debbie and I began refurbishing an antique two tier table to auction from my Texas Twins Treasures Inventory and a few weeks later, Rebecca Bowman handcrafted a matching rainbow tutu and headband for me to auction with the proceeds going to the Poteet Family.  These families had never met each other but a post on my personal FB page seeking help with a bridesmaids dress for the April 3 wedding of Jennifer Alexander Irwin had Debbie Poteet reaching out to me to donate her dress for the wedding.

This evening at a Coronation Event in Fort Worth, Jim Wilson met my twin sister and I “out and about” to support our friends in the LBGT Community and spend thirty minutes visiting with us to listen to why we had jumped into the wedding and events industry to give anyone (regardless of their income) the opportunity for a Dream Event.

I told him how friends on FB had banded together to help complete strangers and he had me model the elegant earrings he was selling as I told him how amazed I was at the families who needed help themselves reaching out to strangers and giving them what they had to help them- it amazes and inspires me the number of people who hear our story and understand our journey.

Jim leaned over his extensive collection of fabulous items and handed my twin, Cindy Daniel a rainbow crown pendant with a matching ring to auction off and help the Poteet Family. 

 I was so amazed at his generosity, I started crying and said no we can’t take this beautiful set for no money and he turned and said “I believe in kharma and I believe in what you are doing.  Take it and help someone by selling this set.” 

Jim Wilson “Gifted” This Set That Will Be Listed On Texas Twins Treasures To Benefit The Poteet Family Medical Fund


Jim Wilson of JT Designs With Wendy Wortham

The generosity of all of these strangers United a community and ironically, none of these people are rich.  Everyone is doing their best to get my and pay their own bills but when they hear of someone needing help- they jump on their white horses and ride to the rescue of families that they have never met! 


When I started Texas Twins Events, I understood the hurdles families faced and was determined to change their destiny.  When I merged Texas Twins Events and Texas Twins Treasures to create The Pawning Planners, some folks thought I was crazy but my family upon meeting my client base “jumped in” because we had been where they were, we had struggled and persevered to give our children the gift of a “Life Event.” 

We understood the financial hurdles of not only medical treatment but also the expense of a wedding, a funeral, a baptism or even a family reunion.

As we look forward to finding the funding to help Debbie from the sales of these items, we consider ourselves blessed at having friends and meeting strangers who understand that we are trying to change things “one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas.”

Jim, your generosity is an honor and we will consider you a lifelong friend to the Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team, my family is committed to giving back to our community and deeply humbled by the generosity of everyone who came together to help someone they had never met. 

This morning my team and I traveled to Mineral Wells to meet with Jeniffer who I’m marrying on April 3 to give her the dress for her daughter (Maid of Honor) and show her the bridal bouquet I created to loan her for the wedding along with the Maid of Honor bouquet. 

Jennifer Alexander Irwin With The Pawning Planners Wendy and Cindy and our Little Pawners Maryssa & Makenna Two Sets of Texas Twins

The damage throughout Mineral Wells was evident from last weeks storms and tornado with roofs blown off and the park Jennifer had chose for the ceremony too flooded for us to get to the gazebo.

I decided to schedule the rehearsal a few hours prior to the wedding on April 3 and The Little Pawners are really looking forward to their “Ghost Tour” of the abandoned Baker Hotel this Friday night while out of school on Spring Break.  Cindy and I will be gifting Jennifer with pearls and wedding shoes.

Amazingly, she found a wedding dress and although she had cleaned it several times- there were small stains on the collar area that we will hide with several strands of pearls.

My clients are all from very diverse backgrounds and having so many others pitch in to help fund the Poteet Family with the Poteet’s donating Jennifer a dress for her daughter along with the generosity of Jim and Rebecca, I wanted to write this blog to thank everyone involved for their generosity. 

 Wendy M Wortham