Apparently, even with my numerous lists and task taking on everything around here due to my OCD, while studying my calendar this morning I was horrified to learn that two weddings are scheduled on the same date May 15. My husband was right- keeping two calendars can get you in a bind! I’ve decided to chunk my backup calendar in the trash.

Trying to catch my breath and not panic, I checked the time for Derek Terry at the Aristide Event Center and then cross checked Macy Reeve at the Bellagio Event Center.

Thankfully- Terry’s Wedding is at 2PM in Mansfield, Texas and Macy’s  at 6PM is in Burleson, Texas with a 13 mile distance and estimated travel time of 24 minutes. We can do it! 

Wendy Wortham On Location Botanic Gardens


On Location- Wendy Wortham Photography By Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners

You see, happy families and great photos aren’t “easy.”  We work hard on location to provide a beautiful ceremony along with fun poses of the guests and wedding party to remember their Dream Event.

 When I’m loaning my inventory, loading the suv’s adds more stress due to the loading and unloading aspects of set up and, tear down.

Photography By Robert & Stephanie Hafele Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners

 Normally, I would never schedule anything on the same day after learning that everytime I do my entire team are on “Panic Mode” running from one event to the hect
and often not even having the time to grab something to eat.

Last year we ran from Keller, Texas to Fort Worth between two Weddings and due to construction were burning rubber on our suv’s to make it 15 minutes ahead of the Wedding Time.  Realistically, Weddings never start on time but “banking on brides being late” can and is a dangerous game that I prefer not to play. We never “plan” on anything starting late around here.


Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham-The Pawning Planners

Since we were also providing loaned items and decorations from my Texas Twins Treasures Inventory at the late afternoon Wedding, my team and I arrived at 11AM to decorate the venue prior to dashing off to Keller which had two suv’s if my family arguing on the shortest distance, toll roads and upset with me for what they call my excessive “Double Booking” habits. While it is true that two events in one day can be stressful, my teal realize that we’ve successfully “pulled it off before” and can do it again! 

On Location- Wendy Wortham, Stephanie Hafele, Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney & Cindy Daniel Using My Texas Twins Treasures Inventory To Decorate For A Backyard Wedding

 Now, to be clear, Double Booking (for me) is Booking two events at the same time has NEVER happened and it NEVER will.

Last weekend was an exhausting three straight days of events and while I try to give the team a break by scheduling either on a Saturday or Sunday and leaving “a day off” for the team, it isn’t always possible.  Working several hours Friday prior to another 8 hours Saturday and 9 hours Sunday wasn’t easy but hey- weddings are work! 

Next month we have events scheduled on April 1, 2, and 3rd with a break until the 9th.  Everyone is dreading another “straight through” and thankfully, we are only providing my inventory for the April 3rd event in Mineral Wells so we won’t have to load, unload and reload my inventory.

I’ve received a few questions regarding a statement on all of my sites that “Loaned Items are for booked clients and at the discretion of Wendy Wortham.”  What this statement means is that simply because you booked me or my team doesn’t mean that we “automatically” loan my inventory. Based on your needs and situation, I decide what I’m willing to loan and to whom.

Loaning items sets me apart from other vendors because let’s face it, loaned items can be lost or damaged and effectively such risks and replacement come out of my pocket.

When I started Texas Twins Events Texas Twins Events-Low Cost Wedding & Event Services Family Owned & Operated I never required my clients to sign a contract and often didn’t require a deposit and payment in full PRIOR to the date of the event.  However, trusting clients to be honorable was a mistake and often a booked client had no “skin in the game.”  You will see this comment frequently in my numerous blogs for a very good reason- it’s true!  Cindy Daniel has a few #Cindyisms that are similar “you can’t make gravy outta water” or “you can’t profit from the harvest of you didn’t plant the crops.”  Effectively- nothing is free and you’ve got to put something out to get something back!

A few weeks ago, I met a couple who had contacted me through my Texas Twins Events site who wanted an LBGT wedding at the Fort Worth Water Gardens and wanted to borrow a wedding bouquet and boutennier from my Texas Twins Treasures Inventory.  I had quoted them a discount rate of $60.00 and trusted that they would “satisfy this debt” upon meeting them at the location and I WAS WRONG.  Not only did they not pay myself and my team, ironically they also did not have a wedding license which rendered their ceremony invalid.  Although I found this “incident” dissapointing, I printed the photos taken by Robert & Stephanie Hafele and even went to the expense of mailing them via USPS Priority Mail because I always do “the right thing” even when others don’t.

A Wedding isn’t legal without the proper documents,  please review the laws in your state prior to planning a wedding.

A few seasons ago, Anne Rowe Alexander accompanied me to Trinity Park for a wedding that I (again) loaded my SUV with floral designs, pillars, cake tray, serving set and bouquets along with the boutenniers for a couple I had met in my home office who I had made the mistake of trusting to pay me at the event and not requiring a contract from.  On the day of the event after two hours of setting up the area and not including the loading of my vehicle- the couple called me to cancel as they had decided to elope!

Last month after speaking with a Bride on numerous occasions regarding a wedding some 45 minutes from my home, I traveled to the venue to speak with the owner regarding using her garden for the wedding at the request of the Bride.  Two days before the wedding, she sent a text that her neighbor had become ordained and was going to perform the ceremony.

So you see- there are very good reasons that I require a deposit and a contract.

Last summer after spending nearly 4 months of dealing with a “demanding diva” of a bride and attending a rehearsal and the officiating the wedding along with two photographers and again “getting stiffed” on fees, I made the mistake of printing the photos ($221.00) and giving them to the client trusting that they would repay not only my expenses but also my photographers and again I was wrong!  Sometimes “doing the right thing” has cost me a lot of money so if it sounds like I’m bitter, I’m not as I’ve learned to cover myself and not trust everyone else to do the right thing.  My businesses created a learning curve that helped me grow by accepting that everyone isn’t going to do what they tell you they will simply because I am.

Rebranding and expanding required me to not only plan ahead but also to plan carefully.  You see booked events prevent me from booking other events and therefore cost me money if I don’t require aq

Agreeing to discount my fees for a rehearsal and officiating the wedding for a client in May after they had agreed to use my photography team, I reviewed a text that the couple had decided to use the venue photographer.  Since I will now be driving 2 hours round trip for the rehearsal AND the wedding at the discounted rate of $75 you can understand why although my word is very important to me, it is often insignificant to others.

The “Pawning Process” is explained fully by watching this video Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel because when we evaluate your trade, we often visit your home, barn, farm or trailer by appointment to see the item in person.

Changing the way you do business after you’ve been burned a few times isn’t easy when you built your business based on people over profit.  However, losing profit because you trusted a client is a hard lesson you will learn from.

When appraising a trade through the Pawning Planners I also require a contract.  My reasons for doing this are fundamentally simple- if you are offering something that has no value in exchange for services that do- it’s essentially an “Unconscionable Contract.”  Whether the commitment is verbal or written, express or implied, an “Agreement” is a legally binding “Agreement” which is why I require documentation on cars, trucks, boats & trailers.

You see, the Art of Barter is that the exchange will effectively “work” for both parties and not be one sided.  I research and review the value of your offer prior to making a commitment because in order to recover expenses, there must be value in the item submitted for consideration.

I’m hoping this blog better explains why I require a contract through Texas Twins Events or The Pawning Planners.  At the end of the day we work very hard to exceed your expectations but we also expect to be compensated for our time our talent and finally our commitment to our client base.

The reason I rarely book two events in the same day is so that we can commit fully to making your event exceptional and are often at an event for 3-5 hours based on the services that we are providing.

The “service industry” often has consumers “shopping” you for the best price and occasionally, making promises they don’t plan on keeping.  My businesses are based entirely on my reputation to not only keep my promises but also to be on time, appropriately dressed and ready to handle anything on location even if it’s an issue that has nothing to do with what you’ve hired us for.  We are “Wedding Warriors” for a very good reason, we’ve been in this industry long enough to overcome nearly any situation but require that you put forth your commitment by your signature and your deposit or your trade. 

Wendy M Wortham