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Texas Hill Country Castles- Falkenstein Castle and Castle Avalon Interesting Architectures For Weddings & Filming

Recently I was contacted regarding traveling to coordinate and officiate a Hill Country Wedding with my Texas Twins Events Team,…

My son was recently describing my business to one of his friends. I listened intently for several reasons because it's often a complicated explanation that the listener needs a moment to digest and understand. You see, it's "complicated" mainly because I blended two existing companies in order to create The Pawning Planners. My son Robert explained "most people start a business planning to make a profit- my mom started a business to help people who didn't have much money that otherwise wouldn't enjoy a nice ceremony." You see, my sons description may be somewhat different from my own but the concept is quite accurate. When I told my twin sister, Cindy Daniel of my plan she (as usual) shrugged, sat down to complain about my coffee "being so strong that it could cross the room by itself and crawl right into her cup!" Fresh coffee being obviously more important than creating a business to involve my family while creating dream events. You see, the Texas Twins Events Team is made up of both family members and close friends who "pitch in" and assist the "Fearless Leader" (me). It isn't all wine and roses and as recently as last night, my financier husband and business manager stated a somewhat offense comment by saying "no offense but, you can be a tyrant and bossy usually up to and during set up for events!" You see, Mr Wortham was "hiding out" at his office with our dog Foxy Wortham rather than helping out at an event last weekend and when I called him out on it he informed me that "your vision for perfection exceeds ANY realistic goal and MOST of the time our entire team is terrified to piss you off!" Offended, I immediately responded that I'm not only "easy" to work with, I'm also funny, loving and kind. He laughed outrageously that I have no concept of a patient leader and my OCD issues often are so "unrealistic" that members of my team either don't tell me when something's wrong or worse, hide the issue in the hopes that I won't notice. I'm working on both my sense of humor and apparently unrealistic expectations for perfection but feel it necessary to address my goal has always been to exceed expectations of others while my family and team think I need to step back, breathe and occasionally give someone a hug! Oh well, ya all know I would jump in front of a train for my family and my team and I guess this season starting off with funerals depressed me and made me snappy so I'm working on a sunny side of life (#cindyism) interjection of my normal strict and stringent expectations of others. Pray for me as our events are often stressful enough without being requested to "smile" like I just returned from a cruise with my family!








Mishaps. Unexpected Drama & Working to Overcome Adversity Are Keys To Success

My son was recently describing my business to one of his friends. I listened intently for several reasons because it’s…

Cultural Information, Wedding Traditions, Wedding Crowns & Holiday Fee Information Interfaith Unions

I offer holiday services that incur additional fees for a very specific reason. The reason is that I have a…

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