Tomorrow morning my niece Leigh Ann and her husband Alex along with our latest Little Pawner Madyson leave for San Diego, California. 

Leigh Ann, Madyson & Alex Blais

 The Navy Life is taking a bit of adjustment for my niece since marrying Alex three years ago as she had never moved away from home and while all of our children act like they can’t wait to get away from these twin “meddling mothers,” they always come back because let’s face it–they like us even when they think they don’t! 

Our Children- My Daughter in Law Stephanie Hafele, Stephaney Mahaney, Robert Hafele & Leigh Ann Blais The Texas Twins Events Team


My Grandnieces- Maryssa Mahaney, Madyson Blais & Makenna Mahaney


Leigh Ann returned home a little over a year ago after realizing how lonely she was while Alex was stationed in Seattle.  She announced when we went to pick her up at DFW that she flew in on a one way ticket and decided to stay here until the baby was born.  As usual, my sister “rolled with it.”  Moving Maryssa out of her room, Leigh Ann found the same doctor who had delivered Maryssa & Makenna to care for her during her pregnancy.

Leigh Ann Blais November 2015

 Having a baby at home was a joy for Cindy and I because we love babies and because we hadn’t had one around for 11 years.

Last month, Alex returned to DFW to get ready for their move.  While it’s true that Cindy and I

love California and wish we could stay everytime we visit–

Leigh Ann is already homesick and hasn’t even left yet.  How to prepare her for life as a Navy Wife won’t be easy and my sister will surely miss Madyson as well. 

Madyson Blais With “Meme” Cindy Daniel

Madyson Elizabeth Blais


Madyson & Maryssa Mahaney


Madyson & Makenna Mahaney


Three “Little Pawners” Makenna, Madyson & Maryssa


Always Smiling- Madyson


Makenna Maryssa & Madyson


Stylish Instagram Model- Madyson Elizabeth


Madyson & New Mother Leigh Ann Blais

We’ve had a lot of fun with little Maddy and will surely miss having her around for all of our adventures and even I am sad we won’t be there to see her first steps or hear her first words but married life in the military requires accompanying your husband wherever he may be stationed which is “part of the deal.” 

 Although Leigh Ann would love to stay with my twin- their current home isn’t nearly big enough to permanently house my twin, her husband, Maryssa and Makenna along with their mother Stephaney along with the Blais Family. 

 Besides, how could anyone be homesick when they are surrounded by sand and sea?

As we finish packing and prepare for my upcoming wedding and cancer free party this weekend, I’ve got a busy schedule while dealing with flooding at many venues due to torrential rain and ready eyes over this separation must get “back to business” around here. 

 Cindy and I will plan a trip in a few months to help Leigh Ann settle in- hopefully she will take the time to go visit the many wonderful places that California has to offer. 

Navy Baby- Madyson Elizabeth Blais

I’m pretty certain that Leigh Ann’s Family is going to love California and enjoy this new adventure although we won’t be there to share it with her but, we are planning to visit soon.

Growing up in California with so many things to do and then moving to Texas in the 6th grade to Oklahoma and finally settling in Texas at 13 years old was quite an “adjustment.”  

Each time we visit we remember all the fun parks and sandy beaches we’ve seen and I’m pretty sure the climate is going to be close to perfect like it always is for the Blais Family. 

 Cindy and I wish we could folks them to make sure they arrived safely but I have a full schedule so we will pray for a safe arrival.

Saying goodbye tomorrow morning will be difficult for us as we wave goodbye and wish them safe travels…

 Wendy M Wortham