I never know where my travels will take me for weddings or events but last week was very excited to learn that my friends Jenn Suzanne and Jennifer Chidgey requested that I officiate their wedding at the Stagecoach Bar in Fort Worth. 

 For six years I’ve officiates at exclusive venues, country clubs, backyards, parking lots, and a few months ago on a C-130 at Carswell AFB. 




Every event is as different as my client base for Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners.

Jennifer Chidgey has photographed my Texas Twins Events Team and I for years at LBGT fundraising events and our friendship spans the five years that I’ve owned and operated Texas Twins Events. 

 It was decided to barter an exchange of services for Jenn Suzanne’s and Jennifer’s wedding with the exchange of photography services from Jennifer for a client booking through The Pawning Planners who has no money for photography.  Paying It Forward helps the many families who visit this site seeking help for their wedding or event services by taking trades but, we don’t always find an item of value at Appraisal Appointments which is why I sell Pawning Planners Apparel and use funds from sales of refurbished flips and trades to afford anyone (regardless of their income)  the opportunity for a Dream Event-  Visit My Treasure Chest- Texas Twins Treasures.  

 Many of the photos taken as a courtesy by my team at events are complimentary because occasionally, my three Fuji cameras aren’t the best in the business ya all.  But, I’ve never claimed to be rich and camera equipment is pretty expensive.  I’m hoping to “run across” a barter on camera equipment which will help quite a bit.  Right now the best camera we have was “gifted” by my dear friend Tammi Leggett but if we are indoors the lack of a good flash can be a problem which is why professional photos from Jennifer  will be a “big deal” to a deserving family.  

Sometimes we get lucky with good lighting but not always.  I’m hoping that our cameras have some clearer shots of last nights wedding but haven’t had a chance to transfer them yet and find out.  My team members helping with photography last night were Ann Alexander and Angela Rodden and I’m hoping to update this blog with more photos as soon as I have time.

My saucy sidekick, Cindy Daniel “comes up with new material” aka #Cindyisms daily and although she doesn’t think her cynical and sometimes sarcastic views are anything other than hilarious–sometimes we have folks who think she’s talking about them which can translate to #Cindyism “Just because you bought a movie ticket doesn’t mean that you are starting in the show!”  You see, many of her RedneckReality quotes can be based on anything from visiting WalMart to her husband, Steve Daniel on one of her more popular quotes “just like a blister- showing up with the works all done!”  She has the unique gift of taking life and turning it around with comedy and humor.

Jenn Suzanne and Jennifer Chidgey are talented and giving friends who do so much for so many and having the opportunity to share their special day was truly a joy for myself and my team.  

As we head off to another Appraisal Appointment, I will be looking for a family to benefit from my latest barter with beautiful photos from Jennifer Chidgey to remember their special day.

Meeting so many people from many walks of life is a gift that keeps on giving and the generosity of Jennifer and Jenn Suzanne brought tears to my eyes that they shared my vision of helping others.  Not everyone “gets it” about helping people with no money but for those who follow my journey, they understand.

As Cindy and I head off to the gym to continue our weight loss goals for This Time Next Year, I’m fairly certain that Cindy will come up with another pretty funny observation of our adventures at Planet Fitness.

After all what could be more funny than The Pawning Planners at the gym?  I can’t think of anything lol… 

Wendy M Wortham