My great nieces are also twins and, like my twin and I, they love weddings and events!

The tiny Texas Twins were in their first wedding at 3 years old, it was my wedding.

All of our children have volunteered with us at soup kitchens and nursing homes, the reason for this is our firm belief that compassion for others isn’t something children are born with. Instead, learning to love others and give of yourself comes easily when you realize that many families are lonely, hungry or struggling.

Creating a wedding business came long after creating a business to educate consumers. I regularly publish consumer information regarding debt, credit and, credit card lawsuits on after struggling with my husband through the real estate crunch.

While I’ve worked hard my entire life, I had never set out to start a business until 2005. It would take me years to perfect a strategy to fight back against debt collectors, but I did because necessity to understand and overcome drove me.

Like numerous others, my husband lost his job and was unemployed for three years, his entire career had been based on the development and building of custom homes.

My twin sister, Cindy Daniel’s husband, Steve also suffered unemployment after being laid off from Albertsons after 23 years.

This was the first and only time that Cindy and I were broke at the same time! We’ve always had each other to fall back on.

You see, being broke left me with the realization that although Cindy and I continued working, we could not meet monthly expenses without our husbands paychecks- things would continue going downhill until one day, a process server came to our home and told my husband he had been sued.

I came home to a depressed and devastated husband who was terrified he would either go to jail or, we would lose the home we had been struggling to keep, our only asset.

You see, my husband was concerned that my solution & strategy for the Debt Lawsuit Solution might fail. It didn’t! I won against the debt collectors on each and every lawsuit and, decided to show everyone else in a similar situation how I did to help them as well which is why debtsurvivalinfo similarities exist all over the internet- you see I’m on top of Google not because I pay for it. Instead, my ranking is based on unique and creative content in the blogs I personally write on all 3 of my websites and, my presence on the net is dominant because no one else can write about my life experiences better than I can or, with the dash of humor I’m lucky enough to have salvaged over the years!

In the midst of our struggles, my sisters daughter, Stephanie Mahaney was pregnant with twins, she was 15!

I would need to do everything possible to understand these lawsuits and debt collectors to protect my sister, who like us, was struggling to keep her home from being foreclosed on. Her phone never stopped ringing from third party callers. Driving her crazy while trying to care for two sick twin grand daughters- she was at her wits end. Yes, my package has never failed and, was used by my own family.

It would take me 3 years to oppose 11 lawsuits by third parties filed against my husband and I. The first hearing was so difficult for my husband, he fell on the courthouse steps- it broke my heart. He had never been late or missed a payment and, after being jobless found himself forced to forfeit on credit cards we simply did not have the income to pay.

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney have always lived with my twin sister, Cindy Daniel, who for their entire life has fought to get any amount of child support from their deadbeat dad, Michael Wayne Scherer Jr. A true career criminal, he had beaten my beautiful niece, Stephaney Mahaney in an attempt to force her to miscarry. At the time, Cindy and I were the last living twins in our bloodline, when the Dr told us both that Stephanie was pregnant we were shocked as we thought she had the flu or food poisoning but, she had informed Mr Scherer instead of us which resulted in the visit to an area hospital and, subsequently a police report for violence against a family since she was pregnant, he plead guilty.

Throughout so many tragedies and tribulations came the tiny Texas Twins, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney. I believe God sent them to give us joy and hope in the future during a very dark hour in both my life and my sisters as well. Their smiles, their laughs and their spirits brighten the mood of everyone they meet.

Although my niece is currently in treatment for drug addiction and, loves these twins, my sister alone has raised them since birth while I continued to work as much as possible while selling my possessions on eBay to generate a little extra money to help my sister financially. You see, Cindy lost the ability to earn money after the twins were born. She was forced to quit her job to care for the twins who struggled with numerous health issues and late night hospital visits. Taking on twins at 40 years old is a challenge for anyone but, for my sister who is disabled due to injuries suffered in 1990, she has 12 pounds of aluminum alloy fusing her spine. She continues to hand sew stunning tutus and headbands to keep Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney dressed impeccably at all times, often staying up all night to finish a project for their next outfit.

Defending Debt Lawsuit Consultants LLC is the first business I started to address the numerous issues facing millions of consumers, like us, who never chose to default on their credit card payments. I successfully defended my family from these shady third party lawsuits, now I had to reach back and educate as many others as my hands could reach which is why the business was started.

My second business, Texas Twins Events was started when I realized how expensive my sons wedding was and wondered what others did who could not afford such an extravagant affair.

I decided to start a wedding and events business to do something no one else would do and offer low cost of no cost weddings and religious ceremonies to those who needed a beautiful ceremony but could not afford one. After explaining to my family my reasons for choosing this path, my twin sister and the little Pawners jumped right in doing whatever I needed to make this business a success.

Two years later, I realized that my other interest in refurbishing antiques and “flipping” them through yet another business I started, Texas Twins Treasures offered a unique path for our clients to offer a trade of whatever they had to offer from broken furniture, clothing, jewelry, electronics, etc. In exchange for our services.

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney aka The Little Pawners jumped right in to help! They work for tips or “flips” and love trading for dolls, electronics and games.

The little Pawners have been an active part of Texas Twins Events since it’s inception, along with my twin, Mimi C. Maryssa and Makenna have been flower girls and ring bearers at numerous weddings for Texas Twins Events.

The support of my family is truly the secret of my success! My husband now works full time and we’ve put the tragic period of our lives behind us. A period he refers to as “my wife, my hero, savior to me and many others who decided to save not only me but to educate strangers about debt lawsuits and garnished checking accounts.”

My twin, Cindy Daniel is also a hero. Although she struggled with her daughters addiction, she raised her twin grand daughters and sacrificed her income from working and hunkered down to “weather the storm.” We all did, we circled the wagons and, we survived.

You see, I understand the issues of financial constraints for families for a very good reason- I’ve been in the position myself!

Did I believe years ago when that process server knocked on our door that I would educate myself and create a winning strategy for these erroneous lawsuits?

You bet I did, I had to FAILURE was NEVER an option and for me along with my twin sister, never has been. We never had time to feel sorry for ourselves, we worked, we scrimped, we struggled.

Throughout the “hiccups” we’ve managed to teach our children and her twin grand daughters the virtues of volunteering and giving back to the community.

If I had to choose one aspect of my life that was truly a turning point, it would be my ability to embrace the joys in life, to overcome the obstacles, to touch as many lives as I can by helping others.

You see, my twin and I never had anyone to help us. Thankfully, we had each other and two husbands that stuck with us and continue to “leave the light on” while we are out late at another wedding or event with the Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney.

Together we are stronger, more resilient and capable of doing great things. Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners is one of the most touching and rewarding endeavors I’ve ever attempted.

You see my struggles did not destroy me, instead, they strengthened me.

I’m a survivor of many things and had I not endured and overcome my life’s obstacles I would not be the person I am today.

I don’t understand why people ask me why I’ve created such remarkably different businesses directly targeted the lower income levels. The answer is, I knew no one else would take an interest in investing in a business that was developed to profit others rather than myself!

For me, once I crawled into the boat to save myself, my destiny would be to save as many others as I possibly could and, all of my businesses accomplish this goal. While they may be remarkably different, my career history spans numerous industries which gave me the insight I have today.

Rather than asking me why, ask yourself why not? What have you done for a stranger today my friend? It’s never to late to find time to involve yourself in a local charity or organization that gives back to your community.

The families that hug us and thank us and cry that they found us will be the footprint that may help others to open their hearts and their minds to the plights of others and, hopefully, give them the beliefs and virtues of kindness so that they may, one day, give back themselves.