From the time they could speak, the little Pawners have sung a request for milk, lunch, etc. Makenna loves to sing and can hit all the high notes. Their aunt Leigh ann is famous for taking a catchy tune and changing the words to make it funny! Leigh ann has a very good singing voice and can mimic most popular singers.

Music is uplifting for our entire family and, we love to laugh!

Cindy and I often have “sing outs” when traveling in the car to see who can get all the words right without messing up.

Last week, Cindy was detained by airport security for setting off the alarm (again) by wearing a stylish jacket that I had dressed her in. You can imagine the surprise of the other weary travelers, when she started belting out Whitesnake song “Here I Go Again!”

Humor is and always will be key to overcoming anything in our lives that for most people would cause depression or anxiety, with a family of goofballs singing and dancing around me, I’m often the “straight man” on keeping schedules and timelines properly kept.

Occasionally, even the uptight folks like myself can surprise the rest of my family by belting out a show tune while serving dinner or, driving one of our SUVs.

The tiny Texas Twins throw in a few dance moves and sashay through the living room, mall and even a wedding ceremony.

Apparently being “shy” isn’t something we’ve ever had to worry about around here ya all!