Since I own the only wedding and events business that helps anyone (regardless of their income) my team and I often book numerous events based on referrals from previous clients.  Next weekend, my team and I will be helping the Bowman Family again by officiating at another family wedding and handling the photography.  Since marrying Rebbeca and Christy last year, they’ve invited my family to all of their events and become lifelong friends. 

This family is one of the greatest benefits of operating Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners because they were so happy for our help and also because they immediately welcomed us into their family.  Not all of our clients are so friendly and thankful as my dedicated readers know. 

Every Picture Tells A Story- Interruptions Regarding Objections Are NEVER Offered By Me During A Ceremony. If You Are There To Object-You Shouldn’t Be There!

A few months ago, I officiated a wedding with the family members complaining so badly about everything at the rehearsal that I nearly backed out of the event (something I’ve never done in 6 years) due to a drunken mother in law arguing with me and the bridesmaids backing her up and complaints that I wasn’t supplying tables, chairs & a venue!

My “job” at weddings is to officiate the ceremony with my son and his wife handling complimentary photography.  Going above and beyond- I often loan the bouquets and boutenniers to Pawning Planners clients along with cake stands, serving sets and anything else the family can’t afford.  Ironically, with some clients if you give them an inch- they want a mile and complain about everything.

Texas Twins Events clients have funding and they also have a venue. The problem with a select few clients of The Pawning Planners is that they look at my other sites and assume that I have a venue along with tables and chairs.  I don’t and if I did would never provide a free venue along with tables and chairs because I’m in business to make money and if you want a venue, you’re going to have to pay for it.  

Since I know numerous venue operators and the fees they charge, in well aware that none of my professional connections would ever provide their business for free regardless of the clients financial circumstances. 

 You can’t please all of the people all of the time which is what I tell myself when entering a home or building for an Appraisal Appointment with my twin sister or mini me twins who often work as flower girls or ring bearers for tips and flips.  The Little Pawners like money and flipping items so working for free doesn’t appeal to them unless they’ve met the clients and know their situation.  Under certain circumstances, Maryssa and Makenna will volunteer if they’ve met the clients. 

Wendy Wortham On Location With Little Pawners Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney


Ring Bearer & Flower Girl- Twin Sisters Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney


On Location At A Rehearsal- Makenna, Stephaney & Maryssa Mahaney With Wendy Wortham

 There have been a few times over the years that I’ve had second thoughts when “rolling up” with my sister to Appraise a trade and finding 10 or 20 men on motorcycles hanging out.  When I’m asked what are some of the weirdest trades we’ve been offered, the answers surprise folks!  From cows to motorcycles and farmland to boats & barrels- we don’t set standard limits on a prospective trade because we often “get lucky” by looking around while we are on site since most clients don’t know what they have. 

I’m The Only One Smiling?

While my team of family members can often be competitive with each other- our clients are as diverse as my family on occasion especially when they are booking through The Pawning Planners!

Texas Twins Events clients are often successful business people who have never worried about money and upper middle class. 

The differences between the two sets of clients is actually enormous and continues to surprise me because clients from one company to the other are as different as you could possibly imagine with the main difference being that Pawning Planners clients are far more “country” and down to earth. 

 Texas Twins Events clients can be somewhat “stiff” and far more demanding. Going from a Texas Twins Events to a Pawning Planners Event is like leaving Beverly Hills and winding up in the Ozark Mountains.

Hillbillies and Hoedowns?  The clients that don’t have any money are willing to share their wedding cake and “spread” of food while I’m rarely invited to a rehearsal dinner with Texas Twins Events clients- Pawning Planners clients will often pull up a chair for me and invite me to break bread with them. 

Traditionally the wedding officiant is always invited to a rehearsal dinner but let’s face it- rich folks are occasionally cheap!

Besides, I’ve got a pretty full schedule on my hands from one day into the next and now that Cindy and I are both trying to lose weight- adding two hours at the gym is keeping us hopping ya all-Week 6 Of Our Weight Loss Journey- Twins Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel

As I head downstairs to put another coat of varnish on a traded table, I’m glad we were honored to attend another Bowman event and I’m glad that my client base of “mixed nuts” is always unpredictable because if every client was alike I would be bored to death…

Wendy M Wortham