I’m always asked what percentage of my businesses are LBGTQ.  The answer is approximately half since my team and I have numerous friends within the community and have been active in the TCGPWA for years. 

Our first parade was so much fun meeting people that had been former clients and although we encountered a few of the dreaded protestors- there were only a handful and, we ignored them.

Wendy Wortham, Ann Alexander and Cindy Daniel

We’ve only missed one parade in several years when we missed our flight at LAX and had to rent a car to drive back to Fort Worth.  Since Cindy and I couldn’t attend the parade, my son, Ann and his wife and friends marched for us. 

Texas Twins Events Team


Stephanie Hafele- My Daughter In Law and Photographer For The Pawning Planners- Photo Courtesy Of Jenn Chidgey

Although we weren’t officially in the parade due to scheduling conflicts- we dashed downtown and were invited to join our friends entry- The Imperial Court with Bambi Morgan and were honored to March in their entry.


Little Pawners Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney With Stephanie Hafele



The route was extended this year for the 35th anniversary and  this was perhaps the biggest turnout that I’ve ever seen.  The love and acceptance in the LGBT community for anyone regardless of their background is amazing and although we aren’t LBGT, we have always enjoyed all of our events and activities with them because they are some of the nicest people we’ve ever met and always a joy to do any event with!
Being on our diets has kept Cindy and I from enjoying the usual parade snacks and treats but, we are making remarkable progress our first month. 

Wendy Wortham Heading To The Parade Line Up Behind A Unique Costumed Parade Participant

 Although joining a gym was completely foreign to us- we are finally getting the hang of it and no longer falling off the treadmill or dropping the weights at Planet Fitness anymore. 

Little Pawner Maryssa Mahaney & Wendy Wortham Headed To Planet Fitness

 We’ve met some pretty nice people at Planet Fitness on our weight loss journey and although going to a gym was intimidating for the first two weeks, now look forward to our visits.

Gaining the weight came after we hit 50 and I had a full thyroidectomy as well as menopause and my sister gained 80lbs from the Estrogen treatments which is why neither of us take hormones.  The weight just “crept up on both of us.”  For twins who struggled through our childhood being called Humpty and Dumpty- you can imagine the blow to self esteem from gaining the weight after years of successfully staying at 140 lbs.  Losing 40 lbs each won’t be easy but the benefits will far outweigh the work.


Fantastic 40’s Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham A TwinTeam

Although we’ve had some sore muscles and laughs- our mini me twins The Little Pawners are excited to visit the gym with us and get in shape together for our very first Twin Festival in August.

My family have always wanted to attend and since July and August are often my “slow months” for weddings and events- we are finally going to have an opportunity to meet all of our Twin Friends from FB, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  We want to look our best and know that losing the weight before meeting everyone in person is the best place to start!

Two Sets Of Twins- The Pawning Planners

  As we look forward to being fit and fabulous next year for the parade and Twins Festival, I’m going to skip the pizza my husband ordered and have a salad even though I’ve walked a lot today because even after a month nothing looks tempting enough to eat but, Halloween candy and holiday meals are right around the corner and I’m hoping that we don’t have a setback with tempting treats?

Wendy M Wortham