While filming our pilot, The Pawning Planners, Cindy consistently shocked our production team with the many things she “whipped” out of her bra during filming.

The thing is, during our pitch meeting at Lifetime, my sister pulled out snacks, a business card, a magnet and so many different items that everyone (other than me, of course) wondered what else she had in there!

Looking across the board room table, my twin matter of factly stated “if a small family were drowning, this bra can also be used as a flotation device!”

Yes, she’s pulled out everything from beef jerky to dental floss and, handed me a cheese wheel from the right amd reached into the left for a cheese wheel for herself!

The apron she wears? It has EVERYTHING ELSE!
Needle nose pliers, a pen and writing pad, lipstick, a small hammer, you name it! Even Tylenol or Advil, there ARE choices:)

Driving down the road with a camera pointed as each of us, Cindy doesn’t think any of these “incidents” are “odd.”

In fact, while filming at the karate studio, I was making a statement regarding someone “hot dogging” it and my little mini me, Makenna looked up at Cindy and asked “Mimi, do you have a hot dog in there?”

Snacks include, but are not limited to, cheese sticks, energy bars, crackers and MUCH more!

She does keep us laughing and, always has a few “tricks” in that bra!

At airports, we get “stopped” when Cindy forgets to completely empty her bra of snacks, dental floss, beef jerky, cheese wheels and whatever else ” she stuck in there.

Today, we picked up my niece Leigh Ann at DFW International Airport and while Cindy stood outside with my other niece, Stephaney to smoke a cigarette- I accidentally drove off without them.

Cindy reaches into her bra and pulls out her phone to call me-Bahaha!

Wendy M Wortham