My twin sisters idea of “working” is usually hilarious and, when interrupted during her “work” is often offended at the disruption.

You see, Cindy works in her “own world” during these “work hours” and prefers no disruptions.

At events after I’ve advised one person or another on my wishes during set up, it becomes apparent that asking Cindy after you’ve already asked me isn’t going to get the response you might have been expecting.

“I don’t make the rules here” or, “I’m not the boss” or, “do I look like I’m in charge?” Often, the person asking Cindy questions will get an answer with her usual #cindyism spin on the answer.

Today somebody called asking if they could be on our staff, I replied no, 2 minutes later, they called cindy, she was WITH me!

Her response, hey man, I just work here lol. The caller then sent on to suggest “loosely” an event he had in mind.

Okay, let’s go over this to more CLEARLY define who is or isn’t chosen to be featured on the show is a decision made by the network and not by me or our production company, Good Clean Fun TV. You see, even after carefully interviewing clients and asking if they object to being on TV, it is not I who make the final decision. Furthermore, a “fake” ceremony is something that I will not involve myself with. After three years of building my business and my stellar reputation, I absolutely will NOT involve myself nor my reputation with a “staged” ceremony.

At the end of the day, I have no plans to add to our staff of the Texas Twins Events Team. My staff is made up of family members who stood behind me to “get the show on the road” and therefore, earned the positions held at my companies by hard work and commitment to my goal of “making dreams come true” for families.

Do we sometimes argue or have different views? You bet we do, but whenever you involve your family in business- there are going to be minor conflicts!

Truth be told, we get the job done and it is I the fearless leader who guides our motley crew to the desired result of a ” Dream Event.”

Since I’ve always danced with “the one who brought me” I shall continue dancing with my versatile and resilient team of energetic sidekicks and am blessed with my super crew.

Cindy Daniel- Vice President
Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney- The Little Pawners Ring Bearers & Flower Girls or Ushers
Matthew Wortham-VP Operations
Stephaney Mahaney- Translator
Robert Hafele- Photography
Stephanie Hafele- Photography
Leigh Ann Blais- Online Corespondent
Virginia Malone- Executive Secretary
Ann Rowe Alexander- Executive Assistant to Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel