Located at 824 Pennsylvania Ave Fort Worth, Texas 76104 (510) 646-0824 www.harmonyfellowshipoffoetworth.org is perhaps one of the “hippest” and fun places of worship I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit!

The vision of this wonderful little church is Peace, Harmony & Prosperity by affirming that Spirit is the source of Faith. Harmony Fellowship provides a community of spiritual nourishment, fellowship, prayer and service. The principles of Harmony Fellowship are Inclusiveness, Integrity, Humility, Compassion, Transparency and Generosity.

Having attended various churches throughout my entire life, you can imagine my delighted surprise when parishes come together and join one another in song AND dance!

This Texas Twin isn’t a dancer by any stretch but, I was whisked up and twirled in the aisle to the delight of my Godmother, Virginia Malone along with my son, Robert Hafele and his wife, Stephanie Hafele.

Sadly, I would have to leave early to attend another event for I would have loved to have stayed and enjoyed the rest of a wonderful concert and talented musicians along with the congregation. The program for the Spring Festival was so unique and filled with “catchy” music that everyone, young and old was dancing and singing right along!

Produced and directed by Ken Dinkins-
“Of the coming Spring” by Ken Dinkins and Donna Sullivan-Han with Harmony singers featuring Timmy Crawford and the famous “Happy” by Pharrell Williams featuring Daniel Mathea and the Harmony Singers got everybody up and excited. Perhaps the most surprising and fun addition to this unique concert for me was “Soul Man” sing by Isaac Hayes and David Porter with Daniel Mathea and David McMurray complete with costumes and attitude making these performers TRUE entertainers! You see, for me, talent with personality is a combination that I’ve often missed when attending a performance (except of course Tom Jones who had even 90 year old women standing and shouting). A singer that can incorporate a group is a rare thing these days but, something that the entire choir did fluently and consistently under the direction of Ken Dinkins.

Special thanks to Timmy Crawford for the invite and the hospitality of this unique and interesting congregation to welcome my team with open arms- we look forward to returning again very soon to share in the joy of worship at Harmony Church.

Wendy M Wortham
Texas Twins Events