Many of our clients can’t afford a caterer.  To overcome this obstacle last weekend,  I spent some time studying low cost alternatives and licensing requirements necessary for my Texas Twins Events Team to meet the criteria necessary to add food service to our already unique “Brand.”  

 Searching the internet I realized that hot dog carts can readily run into $6k but, used carts sell for $1k and since we are the Pawning Planners- it looks like buying or trading for used carts is going to be the direction we take.

The Little Pawners are super excited for this adventure into the food service industry and looking forward to “hittin a lick” at events since they are now getting older and no longer interested in being flower girls or ring bearers at our events. 

Maryssa Mahaney, Stephanie Mahaney, Leigh Ann Blais & Makenna Mahaney On Location Wedding at a Theme Park

My husband, Matthew and often the “bank” for my many endeavors immediately loved the idea and even pitched me the outlet of flipping houses since he’s in the real estate and development industry. 

Wendy and Matthew Wortham

My husband (knowing me very well) quickly asked “what will you call the vending side of your businesses?”  I laughed and said that I have already chosen a name for this new venture- Texas Twins Treats.  I’m asked frequently if I’m willing to twist into something entirely different on a whim and surprise my “Negative Nancy’s” by saying yes because if you don’t try something, you never know whether it will work or not.  Since I’ve officiated hundreds of weddings and coordinated numerous events that had no food due to the expense of catering (a minimum investment of $2k and up), I decided the best way for myself and my team to overcome the issue was to give our clients options that they COULD afford!  

My Twin Sister, Cindy Daniel & Her Daughter, Leigh Ann Blais Floral Designs By Wendy Wortham

You see while other vendors laughed when they heard I was taking trades in exchange for officiating weddings and funerals, party planning and event coordinating, I’m the one who’s laughing now as I “roll into” my fifth year. 

Inexpensive Catering Ideas “Down Home Cooking”

For clients who struggle to afford everything involved in a wedding or party planning, finding successful options isn’t “easy.”  Quite the opposite, in fact we call these dilemmas “Redneck Reality” or “Hillbilly How To’s” for a good reason- folks without money have to figure it out. 

On Location- Texas Twins Events Team Second Generation Leigh Ann Blais, Stephanie Hafele & Robert Hafele

After all who doesn’t love a delicious hot dog?  My twin sister suggested snow cones but they are seasonal and I reminded her that hot dogs are a year round delicacy.  The hot dog business can be lucrative after your initial investment of licensing and the carts.  If you were to sell 200 hot dogs a day for a year, you could make $100k and, by adding toppings, chips and sodas- more! 

Testing The Market At A Fundraiser

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney called me this morning to express their excitement regarding my latest evolution in the events industry and looking forward to serving the guests.  

I’ve planned to rent a hot dog cart for our annual estate liquidation next month while continuing to haggle with a vending operator who wants a wedding for his daughter in the winter since I would rather trade to start this new venture- I’m keeping my options open. 

Little Pawners- Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney

These third generation Texas Twins Events Team Members love any opportunity to earn money for the latest electronics and know that hard work reaps rewards.  All of our children and grandchildren have been volunteers as well as workers in all of my endeavors so they realize that “you can’t reap the harvest if you don’t plant the crop.” 

Wendy Wortham, Brianna and Cindy Daniel On Location- Tarrant County PRIDE Parade 2015

Not many people are aware that as children, Cindy and I “worked” the vending machines for my families business as children as well as working at my grandfathers gas station.  We were working at a young age and, we recognized the value of a dollar.  Instilling the drive and ambition to “earn a living” has been passed down to all of our children because we believe that if you want something bad enough- you’ve got to be willing to earn it. 

 As I go downstairs to my workroom to finish centerpieces for a wedding Sunday, I’m pretty excited about my latest adventure.

My Texas Twins Team have a busy week with a wedding today at the Fort Worth Water Gardens, a wedding rehearsal Friday evening, a wedding in Corsicana Saturday and another wedding Sunday- wedding season has begun here in Fort Worth with a bang!

My latest Texas Twins Treasures Inventory of refurbished and “flipped items” can be found here Visit My Treasure Chest-Texas Twins Treasures.  While the condition of many items offered was far from what you see listed, the “Pawning Process” is a lengthy process which is why it works.  I don’t sell anything that I wouldn’t buy myself which is why my items are so sought after.  I’m a perfectionist regarding anything that I involve myself in and because of that only sell high quality items to our diverse client base.

Coming full circle in the wedding and events business from officiating to coordinating, to appraising, to refurbishing and now to catering as well as designing my floral inventory- I’m a jack of all trades who isn’t ever afraid to get my hands dirty..hard work pays off!

Wendy M Wortham