Staining furniture requires “just the right temperature” in my workroom but finding the right fabric is equally challenging.  When I’m bartering for fabrics abroad- knowing exactly how much fabric is necessary to refurbish a trade for my Texas Twins Treasures inventory is equally important Shop Our Treasure Chest At Texas Twins Treasures!

 I’m never afraid to try a stripe or pattern but the weight, durability and color are what draw me to choose certain fabrics for my pieces.  Often, I spend several weeks prior to committing to the welt, the overall fabric and even the stain used because I’m very picky and pride myself on high quality items. 

 Items taken in trade are often broken and normally have no springs or fabric.  This doesn’t bother me as I strip everything to the “bare bones” anyway.  

Rarely, do I use leather or cowhide to refurbish items due to the difficulty to fold the fabrics easily but the Victorian office chair above became a fixture at WorthamWorld for my husband to compliment a desk that I took in trade and later stripped and stained as an anniversary gift. 

 I’m constantly in search of vintage fabrics for pieces because they are so unique.  Often, I must mix several fabrics when there isn’t enough of the main fabric to reupholster the pieces which is why many of my inventory pieces feature a “medley” of fabrics. 

 Being a sucker for animal print tapestries imported from Dubai, the hand loomed silk heavyweight fabrics are not for sale.  Paying customs and bartering for these exquisite fabrics is an investment- I read a lot of emails requesting the fabrics I use and cannot sell the fabrics as they are used in my “Pawning Process” to refurbish trades. 

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney Donating Coats At Goodwill

When my Texas Twins Events Team do an estate liquidation, we often donate left over items to area charitable organizations.  We believe in “giving back” whenever we can and involving our children in volunteer activities.

Yesterday, I reviewed an email from a reader who wished to get more information on a 1910 bear.  I’m mostly knowledgeable on antiquity furniture, home furnishings and jewelry.  Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners staff don’t have a background in antique toys but have many friends and sellers on Twitter who we refer sellers to that can help you get an idea of the value in order to have a better selling price for your item.

My background in home furniture and upscale patio furniture is necessary when appraising a trade.  Knowing what will be necessary as an investment of time, fabric and expected selling price is a very important aspect in the “Pawning Process.”

When families have no money or anything we can effectively “flip,” we now are generating revenue by selling Pawning Planners Apparel to “fill the gap.” 

Coming soon- Pawning Planners Coffee Cups and Caps!

Creating a business to specifically target low to middle class consumers and give anyone (regardless of their income) has been a journey that I’ve shared with my multigenerational family and as we look forward to another year of weddings, anniversaries, baptisms and funerals for families who have no one else to help them- I’m hoping the weather warms up to refinish my latest acquisition of an ornate dresser that I plan to crackle paint for the first time.

Thank you to my dedicated readers, followers, and social network connections for your continued support- we couldn’t reach others without your help.

Changing the wedding and events industry “one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas!” We are The Pawning Planners….

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