I’m asked about smudging it house blessing ceremonies frequently and am writing this blog for the curious to better outline what exactly happens at a blessing or smudging ceremony in your home, office, your land or pasture, apartment or barn.

A house blessing ritual can is used to cleanse the “space” and block negative influences from entering. 

 Often, I start by smudging the doorway or if outside the trees or fence line before entering the area prior to smudging myself and those who will be living in the area (farm animals included), as they enter.  Once all are inside, I use a small vial of purified and blessed oil putting some on my index finger and tracing the doorway casing while speaking aloud “I bless this place and all who live here and by this annointing, order that nothing but love and harmony may enter here.”  I repeat this until I have anointed the entire doorway. 

Next, I will walk through the entire residence (or barn) while smudging each room and direct positive energy.  Then I will walk around and sprinkle blessed sea salt along the baseboard of every exterior wall until I’ve effectively surrounded the entire residence with a protective barrier.  Chanting “in the name of the ancient and blessed spirits of love, I bless this place and all who live here.  I place this barrier so that nothing but love and positive energy may enter.  

Wendy Wortham On Location

 While many of my events are Weddings, Funerals, Estate Liquidations & Pawning Parties- I’m not “limited” to unique and creative requests for services that are often not listed on my menu at Texas Twins Events.  

I’ve had people contact me feeling hysterical and spooked because they feel a “cold draft” or see “lights flickering” or “hear noises” at night.  The fact is that often a blessing or smudging ritual brings them peace of mind and although there are many variations, I’ve also used the copper penny at every corner of the house when requested in order to provide a peaceful environment for the family. 

 In Celtic traditions and also Feng Shui traditions, four copper pennies placed in the North, South, East and West corners of the home are thought to prevent the inhabitants from astral attacks of ghosts and spirits.

 Sage can also be used to purify an environment.  It can be bought commercially as a stick incense or as a sage bundle.  A bundle is usually just the dried herb wrapped with an elastic band or rope.  The bundle is lit on fire and carried through the house to clear it of entities and bad spirits.  In several Native Anerican cultures, the aroma of burning sweet grass or sage purifies the energies and attracts positive supernatural entities.

The classic incense used for protection is a combination of Frankencense and Myrrh, which is said to please the Angels and summon protective light.  Genuine Frankensense and Myrrh can be bought at religious supply stores and burned over charcoal in an incense burner.  The burner is swing through the house, cleansing every corner of thought forms and entities.

A Wiccan tradition for clearing vibrations out of a house is to take a broom and starting at the front door, sweep the entire house in a counterclockwise direction.  Even if your floors are clean, you can do this as a symbolic action.  Sweep everything you have collected out the front door and onto the street.

I hope this gives you a clearer understanding of the rituals used (often based on Religous preferences) that my team and I use when “cleaning” or “clearing” a home, farm, barn, office, apartment or trailer.

Wendy M Wortham