I’m rarely asked to say a prayer over the meal at weddings and often leave the venue prior to the meal.  Recently, however, I’ve had two occasions that I was unprepared for and am therefore writing this blog for all of my followers and fellow Ministers to give you a few tips.

        A Wedding Meal Prayer

God our Father & Lord of all Creation:  We gather here now to celebrate the love and commitment of (bride) & (groom), as they share their first meal as husband and wife.  We thank you for giving your Holy blessing today upon their marriage, and ask that you continue to bless them with your love and mercy throughout their lives together.  Let this be the first of many meals shared together with their family and friends, and blessed by your amazing grace.  Amen.

         A Prayer For The Food 

The father of the Bride or the Minister usually say this prayer.  Lord behold our family here assembled.  We thank you for this place I which we dwell, for the love that unites us, for the peace accorded us this day, we pray blessings of this food and all who have prepared it for our nourishment.  Amen.

Yesterday I was preparing to leave a wedding when asked to say a blessing.  Many of my dedicated readers know that I try to prepare for anything at a wedding or event and wish that I had prepared something ahead of time rather than “winging it.”

As with all of my experiences in this industry- I learn from my mistakes and will from this point forward have something prepared ahead of time.

Public speaking isn’t “easy.”  You are addressing a crowd of people whom you’ve never met and orchestrating an event that is important to everyone involved.   

 Many of our clients are specific about having no religious references and a small percentage want religious reference.  Going over this is key to having a ceremony that satisfies everyone.

Please advise your Minister or officiant prior to the event if you would like them to say a blessing in order to give them the opportunity to have a prepared speech.

As I prepare for tomorrow’s wedding in Mineral Wells, the Bride is very upset that her son will be leaving after the ceremony to join the Military and her daughter has decided not to attend the wedding or act as her Maid of Honor as was planned.

Weddings are chaotic and while we would all like everything to flow smoothly- the truth is that without proper planning, occasionally something rather unexpected can happen.

Addressing large groups isn’t for everyone.  My initial dive into this industry was as a hospice clergy and administering last rites to very ill Christians at area hospitals.  These prayers were completely different than the prayers of joy at weddings celebrating the promise of love and a future together.

While no amount of planning can supersede the unexpected ring bearer running off into the park and losing the rings or the venue air conditioner breaking down- trying to prepare for anything and bringing a small sewing kit, duct tape, super glue, safety pins and any other “quick fix” items such as a hot glue gun are often needed at events.

I always advise Brides to give me a call right up to the event time if something was forgotten, lost or even broken so we can solve the problem ahead of the ceremony.

Being hungry may have had me blessing the food a little “too much” last night after working 13 hours at two events with no time to eat.

Cindy (my saucy twin sister) thought my meal prayer was hilarious and laughed all the way from Dallas to Fort Worth driving home.

Let’s face it, when anything goes wrong or unexpected- I beat myself up about it while Cindy grabs a cupcake and has a good laugh.

Twinning with compensating personalities has a very unique dynamic with one twin being driven and the other twin effectively “enjoying the ride.”

At one event, my twin sister walked up to me when I asked where the guest book and pen were and said “I can’t find that guest book anywhere but at least we still have the pen!” 

The Pawning Planners- Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham

I often call her my “Ginger Twin” because she has a saucy comeback for nearly anything and also because she looks at the cup as “half full” rather than “half empty.”

I want everything perfect even though I realize we live in an imperfect world which is something that I continue to work on since I’ve never been “lighthearted” or “fun.”

Visiting my sister’s home is remarkably different than my own since I’m going to continue and try to take your coffee cup or wine glass in order to have them properly stored in my dishwasher.  Cindy could care less and is far more interested in having a great visit with her guests than the state of her home.  She once told me that my son will never remember having the cleanest house and to go to the park and build happy memories.

She was right of course and when I started this business my entire intent was to give anyone regardless of their income the opportunity for a beautiful event.

Do I push myself too hard to ensure perfect execution?  Yes.  But last night when the beautiful Bride yelled April Fool’s to her guests during the ceremony, even I laughed.

Do try to have fun and enjoy your day while still remembering that blessing our food is a tradition that many of us have grown up with and that having something to read if you are too nervous to recite something “on the fly” is always a great idea.

For all the fathers out there, blessing the meal is an honor put in place at weddings and please take this opportunity to address the family and friends of your daughter and her new groom.

If you are uncomfortable speaking- please feel free to ask your minister or officiant but give them 5-10 minutes to prepare something in order for them to feel comfortable addressing the group.

Celebrate your life together and remember that weddings are based on Christian beliefs and while you may or may not want religious references at your event, sometimes your parents or grandparents do and by way of honoring them along with your guests, a simple prayer often makes everyone enjoy their meal all the more!  

     A Simple And Sweet Blessing

“Let us thank God for our food when others are hungry; for drink when others are thirsty; and for friends when others are lonely.”

    Variation of Short & Simple 

“Let us thank God for food in a world where many walk in hunger; for faith in a world where many walk in fear; for friends in a world where many walk alone; bless this food and these families here to celebrate the Union of this couple.”

Of course if a couple has a specific prayer they wish to be recited- please let your father or minister know by providing a copy shortly before the meal is served.

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