I answer a lot of questions regarding not only why but how I created a unique business that grants hard working families a Dream Event.  My answer is that I had the passion to reach the lower to middle class consumers in order to overcome the financial obstacles that traditional fee structures create.

Although, many of the people requesting information about The Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Events have very little background history- it should be noted, my life and my journey are virtual “open books” due to blogging in order to move myself up in search engines by writing about the past three years of my life.

 Why do I call them Dream Events? The answer is complicated because you would need to understand the standard fee for a wedding officiant in DFW is $250 and up.  Now, let’s take a family who cannot afford $250 much less photography, floral designs and more.  Who helps these families enjoy a dream event? I do.

Dream Events for our clients are NOT million dollar weddings or over the top celebrations or even, fabulous cruises, my own family hasn’t had a vacation in so many years that we cannot recall.  Rather, if you are a hardworking American struggling to pay your bills- a Dream Event is a beautifully ceremony that there is no way you could afford without my help and, the help of my Texas Twins Team.  We help consumers who cant help themselves when planning a wedding, funeral, birthday party of LBGT union.

Believe it or not,  millions of consumers cannot afford something as simple and memorable as a milestone event and, I’ve effectively found the answer to their problem.

You may wonder how? Well, not only can i officiate a ceremony, I can also design bouquets, boutenniers, corsages, Centerpieces and more.  My team of family members “pitch in” by handling photography, event coordination, assisting other vendors and our precious Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna also are heavily involved with my businesses by working for tips and “flips” as flower girls, ring bearers and ushers.  You see, my businesses are in fact, “a family affair!”

 My son, Robert Hafele was married several years ago and his officiant charged $600.00 for a wedding ceremony and rehearsal.  Not many families can “cough up” that amount of money and, most families could never afford traditional price structures for weddings, funerals, LBGT unions, birthday parties, family reunions, etc.

 Understanding the problem, I would seek a solution.  You see, my husband had been out of work due to the real estate crash and I understood that economics and finances prevented many families from having a Dream Event.

I would seek a solution for many families and find one with my creative and unique ability to fix, prepare, reuse and refurbish items to fund a Dream Event.  My twin, Cindy Daniel, would repair, design, and refurbish items alongside me to sell on eBay in order to find funding for Dream Events.

 My family would see the genuine appreciation of these hundreds of needy families who couldn’t believe that anyone would overcome all the issues to “Grant a wish” by gifting a Dream Event whether they had any money or not.

When my son describes a business that was never intended “to make money” to folks, they are, of course, intrigued.  “Why would your mom do that?”  My answer is and always will be simple- I saw a need and fulfilled it.

 None of my decisions have been based on earning income, all of them have been based on giving others hope, a beautiful event and creating unity within my community “one family at a time.”

Often in life, we are at a “fork in the road” how you choose to travel your own unique journey lies within the choices you make and the life you live.

 Had I not struggled alongside my husband during his job loss and struggled to make ends meet at a time when my son was marrying- perhaps I would never have known the plight of others.

Fate and kharma have guided my life when making a choice to help a stranger rather than “making a buck.”

 Yesterday, my son called and told me of a young family who the neighbors are “pitching together” to help create a beautiful wedding ceremony for a soldier returning home and asked how we could help.

My answer was to call this young Bride and ask what they already had and what they needed.

On June 20, 2015, I will officiate this ceremony, provide the toss bouquet, chair bows, boutenniers, corsages and photography with my fantastic team and, we will once again, make a Dream Come True from Fort Worth, Texas for less than $100.00 that’s right, $100.00 commitment, integrity and community will come together for a worthy young couple.

 What have you done for a stranger today?