My husband loves racing, any type of racing from drag racing to motorcycle racing.  If there is a race on TV, it’s being recorded for later viewing at Wortham World if we are not already watching it. 

 Matthew attended Indianpolis 500 several years ago as well as a NASCAR race here in Fort Worth, TX at Texas Motor Speedway.

He loves to “Go Fast!”  Matthew started competing in motorcycle racing with a dirt bike when he was 17 after getting his first motorcycle when he was 10 years old.  

Race Day Events on cable TV are always interesting to me for a number of reasons: I love the excitement of the crowds, the outfits are always fun, the spirit of America is present at all of the events and, it’s a family oriented sport.

My husband has never been to Talladega, Alabama but, it’s on his “bucket list.”  Talladega is approximately 50 miles East of Birmingham, Alabama.  The city is home to the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind and the Talladega Municipal Airport, a public general aviation airport.  The name Talladega is derived from a Muscogee (Creek) Native American word Tvleke, meaning “town” and/or “border” or “border town” a town indicating its location on the boundary between the lands of the Creek tribe and those of the Cherokee and Chickasaw.  Talladega includes a number of properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the J.L.M. Curry House and Swaybe Hall, both listed as National Historic Landmarks.  The main listed historic districts are The Silk Stocking District, which includes the Dr. Samuel Welch House, Talladega College Historic District, and Talladega Courthouse Square Historic District.  The Talladega Superspeedway, which is 2.66 miles long, hosts two NASCAR races annually.

“Fans” are perhaps some of the most interesting and eclectic group of diverse folks that I have ever seen!  From their unique attire to their “fun loving” attitudes, Race Fans are spirited, outgoing and always fun for me to watch. 

 From cookouts in the parking lot to the “Tire Man,” I have never “Tailgated” at an event and find the fact that nearly everyone at these events just go outside and fire up the grill.  Walking around and visiting with other fans- no one at these events is either shy or apparently “inhibited.”  

Quite the opposite, everyone is excited to be there and happy to visit with an interviewer or the neighbor parked next to them.

I love sleek and sexy sports cars but, I don’t “drive fast” or, dangerously either.  Pushing any vehicle to the limit would not be my cup of tea.  

 Would I attend a Race Day? You bet I would and, my brother in law Steve Daniel would most likely love to come along too.  Where else can you find so many fun loving American fans who spend their weekdays “working for the weekend.”

Although I’ve never been one with a desire to “go fast” I’ve driven at Texas Motor Speedway numerous times while selling Cadillac and GM cars in order to keep my GM certification and, on a few occasions, driving or riding “real fast” had me using my helmet for something other than head protection ya all.

Pushing speed to the limit takes a special type of personality with a fearless drive for speed, something that has never been part of my idea of fun.  However, compensating personalities of spouses are what keep many marriages happy.  I’m certainly more than happy to accompany my husband to events and even Ride and Drives but, I will take photos from the sidelines and “visit” with folks alongside my twin and the Little Pawners safely on the sidelines. 

 Monster truck racing is another interest of my brother in law Steve who loves to watch the trucks and this morning while enjoying breakfast with my husband, I watched a clip from a monster truck race and, must admit that those drivers are beyond fearless with flips and tricks that are true crowd pleasers.

Buckling up to watch Race Day at Wortham World and looking forward to one day attending a racing event, I am Wendy Wortham and think a Race Day Wedding would be awesome! Count me in….