There have been many “opinions” lately posted to social media, news and radio regarding the “opinions” of others regarding Bruce Jenner.

I’m going to start of by saying that although I’ve never been a fan of the Kardashian show, like anyone else, I felt sorrow for the treatment towards Bruce on camera.

This man donated his time to Wounded Warrior projects, his community and earned his place in history as an exceptional athlete.

The fame directed towards the Kardashian women confuses me in that they do nothing for anyone other than themselves.  My belief is that if you are in a position to help others (financially or otherwise) that you should.

I’m not impressed by how much money you’ve spent on your wedding, your car, your ring or your home.  Rather, I’m impressed by how you treat others and, how you contribute your time and talents (providing you have something to offer.)

At some point in my life, excess has become an “in demand” attribute which baffles me for a number of reasons but mainly because excess is, of course, self serving. Spoiled children who grow up thinking they are “special” become spoiled parents who raise their own children to believe that they are also “special.”

Pride doesn’t build community-Passion does!  Passion, Perseverance, Compassion and Understanding of Alternative Lifestyles or Choices by volunteering your time or talents are for me, admirable traits.

Baring your soul on national television regarding your choice takes bravery when you realize that “haters are going to hate.”

When did the shift become acceptable to “bash” others because they dress differently, look different or act different than you?  Children learn what they live.  Children weren’t born biased- they were raised to be biased.

Yesterday, on my LinkedIn updates, a network connection left a comment that offended me regarding a blog I had written about persevering in my profession with a business I created SOLELY to afford anyone the opportunity for a beautiful event regardless of their income.  This business has taken three years of my life and given back to hundreds of families within my community.  This business has provided flowers, cakes, ceremonies, respect and photographs to families who would never otherwise have been able to enjoy a celebration with their family and friends creating lifelong memories and relationships with my clients.  This business was created by selling my own personal possessions in order to fund the business.  My family “pitched in” understanding my passion and vision to overcome issues of financial inability to afford a Dream Event.

For anyone to judge me after a lifetime of volunteering and sacrificing in order to help others (especially someone who professes to be working on a book that Lives with the Lord), I find such single minded and self serving “opinions” to be not only narrow minded but, undereducated regarding who I am, where I’ve been and what I’ve sacrificed in order to help others.

Opinions regarding Religion or, your beliefs are, your opinion not accurate facts.  If you disagree with my drive to overcome adversity for others or, my affiliation with diverse groups- I suggest you get off the pedestal or, your throne, and “get out there” within your own community and stop being so self involved that you cannot fathom the plight of others who deserve to have acceptance, deserve to have love and at the very least, deserve not to be bullied for their choices.

Walk a mile in my shoes or, at the bare minimum, take the time to understand who I am and what I’ve been through in order to give back to my community prior to posting statements about “hate” while professing to be a “Christian.”

What part of “Thou Shall Not Judge” did you fail to realize with your Christian belief? What part of love and acceptance went “Right Over Your Head?”

Ignorance and Opinion hurt those targeted by others.  My suggestion is that if “you don’t have anything good to say- perhaps you should keep your opinions to yourself.”