Saturday morning at WorthamWorld, I anxiously watched the weather as storm clouds drifted in.  The groom had changed the time from noon to 6PM in order to secure the covered area for the reception but there would be a few hurdles getting clear photos since the wedding didn’t begin until 7pm as we waited for the guests to arrive.  

My twin sister, son and niece were on site to make last minute runs in the event something was forgotten and to help with photography.  I haven’t had time to download all of the photos yet but I’m hoping for clearer shots from the camera that iPhones and tablets may not have captured.

I had decided the fountains in the background would make a nice backdrop but due to a 20 degree temperature drop, it was too chilly. 

 There was a wooded area that we settled on as I attached loaned bouteniers from my inventory to the best man and groomsmen and passed out bouquets to the bride and bridesmaids.  Our twin granddaughters were playing with my niece and Madyson as Cindy and I decorated the tables and my son took photos. 


The cake was non traditional and quite unique with two kissing skeletons as the topper and although I had brought the cake stand and champagne glasses to loan, I was unhappy with my serving set so I made a quick stop at Walmart in Hudson Oaks to buy a new serving set.  My son and I arrived in my SUV with Cindy and the twins in her SUV and my niece Leigh Ann and grandniece Madyson in her car.  When I loan items, there are numerous boxes and baskets along with camera equipment and ice chests for champagne and cold water- I never “travel light.”  

Planning a wedding is similar to planning a trip when I’m loaning items and it’s not unusual for me to spend a day or two going over everything to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything that might be needed.  Over the years my floral designs have been lost, damaged or misplaced so I quickly handcrafted two additional bouteniers in red, black and white to replace one that was lost and another that had been damaged.  

John and I had decided to use the flowers from the Williams Wedding because I had enough bouquets for the bride, bridesmaids and maid of honor.  

Texas Twins Events Photography-Floral Designs On Loan

 I love outdoor photos because we benefit from natural light but parks can be tricky when there are a lot of trees and shadowed areas and especially when dark storm clouds are hovering over and by 6PM, I was really getting anxious regarding losing what little daylight we had left Saturday as Cindy and I (along with the caterer and a few volunteers) worked to decorate the gazebo area for the reception.  Since lighting is always an issue for my photography team- we’ve decided to invest in flash attachments although over exposure can be a problem.

My Partner-Cindy Daniel Helps Decorate Picnic Tables With Me


The Guests Wait For The Ceremony To Begin


Everyone “Pitches In” To Help Set Up


The Bride

The ceremony was short and sweet since we had no additional elements (hand written vows, hand blessing, lasso & coin, etc.) occasionally couples request no religious reference which is why I always ask if they have a poem or scripture they wish to add to the ceremony.  Unity candles and sand ceremonies have become quite popular lately too.

Our event services aren’t limited to weddings.  Although a large portion of our business is “wedding related,” we also do estate Liquidations, funerals or memorials, party planning, house blessings and more.  For a list of services, visit my sister site-Texas Twins Events-Budget Friendly Event Services.  If you don’t find the service you’re looking for, use the contact us link for more information.  We love creative requests! 

From parks to backyards & venues, a karate studio and even a C-130 cargo plane at Carswell AFB- we travel to many unique areas for weddings, vow renewals & other events including churches.  Any location can become a perfect setting for a wedding and the Botanic Garden is also a popular outdoor venue for weddings too.

Texas Twins Events Photography-Floral Designs On Loan


With My Daughter In Law, Ann Alexander, The Bride & My Twin Sister Carswell AFB


Backyard Or Front-Many Weddings & Events Are Held At Homes


Keller Park-Texas Twins Events Photography With Loaned Bouquet & Boutennier

Since I’m 
asked how often I loan items, the “surprising” answer is 70-80% of events.  The cost to provide your own flowers for an event is often so high that many of our clients choose to borrow from my inventory instead. 

 I’m glad the rain didn’t ruin Saturday’s wedding and although outdoor events can be unpredictable- my son braved Texas hail along with 45mph winds a few years ago to get photos of a military couple who (like us) believed we had perfect weather for a beautiful wedding over the Trinity River.  

However, within minutes of meeting the couple-things took a turn for the worst and I asked if they would be okay taking their vows while being whipped around and slammed by hail and, after a moment of hesitation-we all agreed that it would be something we would never forget and muddled through a hilarious and memorable wedding ceremony that left us all soaked to the bone. 

 Wherever we go-whatever we are doing, passion about our clients and their Dream Event keeps us hopping when Texas weather threatens to ruin the day.  Loaning items they will need makes us “different” but it also shows our clients we are determined to make their event special.

As soon as I get “caught up” with a coat of varnish on a new trade in my workroom, Cindy and I will run and develop photos from Saturday’s wedding and then head on to order customized Pawning Planners t-shirts before jumping in to find activities to keep Maryssa and Makenna busy for Spring Break while they join us at two Appraisal Appointments this week.

  Twinning through our weight loss journey, our mini me twins have been joining us at Planet Fitness and riding bikes with us too.

Everything we do is a “family affair” so weight loss is a joint journey for these two sets of twins.  My businesses give my family and I a unique opportunity to meet new friends everyday along our way to “change the wedding and events industry one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas!” 

Whether your event is at a park, on a plane, in a backyard or even a parking lot-my team and I want your event to be memorable and love to have fun with photos by staging a few photo ops.

 Parks are great because they are free and often have picnic tables and seating areas but remember that public places but remember that you will be giving up privacy for your event.

Although most visitors to area parks are respectful and happy to watch your wedding-there have been a few times that loud music or “rowdy” park patrons nearly spoiled the fun for everyone.

Thankfully, the Wyatt wedding went off without a hitch and gave my family and I another opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy a Life Event with John and his new wife.  Congratulations & best wishes to this newlywed couple and new friends to The Pawning Planners…

Wendy M Wortham