Budgets for baby showers are especially out of range for someone with a profession that cannot work due to her present condition and while I strive to accommodate any Dream Event, it must be noted that neither myself nor my team have ever discriminated when making the decision to “take on” a project, this shower would be no exception to the rule.

Amanda Rose is a beautiful young woman who happens to be best friends with my sons wife, Stephanie Hafele, who will be assisting the preparation, execution, and Texas Twins Team for #Letsgetthispartystarted. I first met Amanda while making all the floral arrangements for my sons wedding to Stephanie and, she’s been an active part of my sons life since the wedding. Amanda took the place for a Maid of Honor at the wedding, Melissa, who tragically passed in an automobile accident prior to the wedding after traveling to Fort Worth for a dress fitting at David’s Bridal- the sorrow over the loss of that vibrant, beautiful young woman shocked the entire wedding party and, I prepared a table to honor her spirit at the wedding of Stephanie and Robert for not only the wedding party but also, myself after spending months carefully making the bouquets, Centerpieces, boutonnieres and corsages for the Hafele Wedding. Years later, the loss of this beautiful girl at a time when planning a celebration will forever cause us to remember the fragile nature of life when tragedy comes at a time we could never have anticipated. I made the funeral flowers in real touch silk flowers and donated them to the funeral home. Those flowers are still used today and I continue to donate flowers to area funeral homes to ensure that everyone had a beautiful memorial service.

Before committing to a date and time, the legwork and finger work by calling and emailing the main players of the baby shower, these will be coworkers of the strip club Amanda worked at and of course, my daughter in law, Stephanie Hafele along with getting the Texas Twins Team up to date on the theme and location.

Amanda is 7 months pregnant and because of this, the execution of this event will take place within the next few weeks to ensure that I do not have to worry about an “early birth” or other issue attributed to pregnancy since no one can pinpoint an exact date, short of a c-section scheduled by the OB-GYN of course!

Who says a baby shower has to be over the top expensive? The purpose is to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, fuss over the expectant mom, and have a GOOD TIME.

This event will be a “flip for services” covered expense since Amanda hasn’t worked in several months and my twin, Cindy Daniel is looking forward to finding “stripper shoes” to swap and sell through my Texas Twins Treasures inventory.

My plans are to find baby shower party favors that will serve as gifts for the baby boy to not only recycle but also to help this young mother by using a centerpiece of numerous items for a new baby in a plastic bucket decorated with Garland.

Searching for discount items online early is a necessity since we all know that convenience (ie: last minute purchases) are expensive!

The venue will be as unique as this event is and, I’m keeping the location a secret from everyone other than the Texas Twins Team and will post photos AFTER the event- I know, the suspense is killing ya all but hey- a little mystery adds to the fun.

Keeping the cost low by creating my own invitations (after all, where would you find baby shower invitations with a stripper theme?) I’m having a lot of fun with perhaps one if the most unique events I’ve ever planned and executed- can you tell?

The guests will be Amanda’s friends and coworkers from the strip club who will be obviously dressed in provocative although not too provocative “work attire.”

I’m planning a “diaper cake” which is a fantastic idea for a fun and unique baby shower gift! Not only are they easy to make but you can personalize them by adding baby items. Depending on the size of the cake, you will need 60 diapers, I usually purchase newborn or size 2. Rubber bands, you will need 60-75 regular rubber bands and a few larger rubber bands. The ribbon should be thick enough to hide the rubber bands. The base is the cake bottom, you can use a decorative pan, plastic tray, cardboard or even cut out the box from the diapers. Using small baby items- anything you would like to add such as bottles, pacifiers, small baby shampoos, stuffed animals etc.

Normally, a baby shower includes a parade of pastel cupcakes, onesies and finger foods which can cost a pretty penny! In order to keep costs down and provide this young mother with items she can use in the future- my goal of this shower will be to find items she can take home after the party.

I’ve decided an “advice jar” will keep the guests entertained with activities that won’t break my bank. Each guest writes down advice to the new mom and slips the paper in a jar. The new mom can frame the advice or store the jar as a keepsake in the nursery rather than getting a formal guest book that will most likely sit in the closet collecting dust. I’m planning on giving each of the guests a onesie prior to the shower and having the guests each decorate them with fabric paint for the new baby and bring them to the shower to put in my gift bucket centerpiece.

Far flung guests who cannot come to the party will attend through video tools such as Face Time, Skype, or Google Hangout. The guests send gifts to the expectant mother in advance so she can open them life on video while they watch on their computers.

Using a cupcake centerpiece can be delicious and inexpensive, another option is bulk candy put in dishes for guests to serve themselves at a “candy bar.”

I started this business to offer anyone regardless of race, religion, or lifestyle the opportunity for a Dream Event that they couldn’t afford on their own.

My concept was to find something in their home they didn’t realize had value and then refurbish and re sell the item to cover the cost of their event- making dreams come true from Fort Worth with my Texas Twins Events team- it should be noted that no event is too big or too small, we do them all!

Although Amanda was working as a stripper for 3 years and has a four year old daughter, I promise that you would never know by meeting this young lady who is doing the best she can as a single mother to provide for her children and being unable to work due to pregnancy may raise a few eyebrows out there but, as usual, I urge you to reserve judgment and take heed of my own credo as it is not for us to judge anyone based on lifestyle or circumstance as I do not and neither does my team since we are all Gods children and, Amanda’s story is an honest insight into the struggles of surviving and providing for her young family the only way age could find- as an exotic dancer.

Don’t ask me why no request is too unique, bold, or out of the norm- ask yourself why not?!

I am Wendy Wortham and my commitment to my community is my belief that together we are one family regardless of social or economic differences. What have you done for a stranger today my friend?

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