When I created Texas Twins Events years ago, my goal was to offer low cost ceremonies and event services for consumers who couldn’t afford traditional price structures because I realized this option did not exist.  After two years it became apparent that for some consumers even low cost alternatives were ineffective and to accommodate these folks, I began taking trades that I refurbish and sell to hopefully cover the expense of the event and make a small profit.

None of my businesses have ever been intended to be charitable in effect.  All of my businesses required time, money and dedication to establish myself within the wedding and events industry.  Nearly four years later, I continue to be baffled at some of the correspondence I receive from states outside Texas as well as Mexico regarding loaning of my personal business property.

Last night I received an email from Pennsylvania requesting me to send a bridal bouquet, five corsages, 6 boutenniers and 7 bridesmaids bouquets for a wedding.  Everyday I’m getting requests to “borrow” my inventory and everyday I’m confused as to how or why people assume that I’m in the “loaning” business. I sell floral designs or provide them to clients but I do not and cannot “loan” my inventory to anyone.

Recently, I’ve been receiving messages on FB, Twitter and LinkedIn regarding the use of my columns, Centerpieces, bouquets, ribbons and more from folks who already have a minister, photographer and other services that are being “handled” by my competitors but, have the audacity to ask for MY property on “loan.”

Today we are (again) going to revisit why I do NOT loan items to others that are not retaining myself or my team for services to clarify why I refuse to simply “give away” or “loan” items that have taken me years to acquire at great expense and hours of extensive labor to craft my floral designs.

Yesterday, I met with Joanna Magee and Jake Davis for their wedding rehearsal.  As ya all know, I’m providing my floral designs, a wedding dress, wedding shoes, the invitations, cowboy hats for her sons (ring bearers), the Little Pawners are acting as flower girls, ring pillow, flower baskets, wedding cake and photographers, Robert and Stephanie Hafele for what I term a Dream Event.

I choose who benefits from a sponsored event and, it’s ALWAYS based on the individuals.  Joanna and Jake are beautiful people and worthy of the efforts of my team and our time along with my inventory, I will be officiating their ceremony.

 What does that mean Wendy? Well, it means that I have either taken something in trade to refurbish or, based on the conversations with the couple, decided to “sponsor” the event with my team. 

It also means that myself and my team are working on our own time and doing so as a “gift” to the family.  Dream Events are a rare occurrence because I operate a business that has expenses and employees.  Gasoline, advertising, and missing the opportunity for a “paid gig” by everyone involved shows how dedicated myself and my team are to Dream Events and the families we honor by “gifting” our services.

 While traveling to Walmart behind Cindy Daniel and the Little Pawners, I get a FB messenger notice and have my son, Robert Hafele, read it to me since I’m driving.

The “jist” of the message is the bride contacting me has “heard” I help people with weddings to which I instruct my son to inquire as to what type of help she is seeking.

Did she need a wedding officiant? Floral designs? Photography? What exactly was being sought? 

To better explain how I “help” is to understand that establishing a service that charges reduced rates to accommodate consumers is one way I “help.”  Taking trades is the alternative for “help.”  Finally, providing “extras” that weren’t paid for that include photography, floral designs and decorations is the cherry on the pie of how we help to achieve Dream Events for families.  By reaching back to help consumers who have nowhere else to turn, we “help.”  What we don’t do us work for free with no plans on getting paid.  Who would? 

When you are contacted all day long for “help” you ask a lot of questions.  Often the person requesting the “help” can afford to pay low cost services but doesn’t “offer” consideration.  I delve deep to find out whether they are actually worthy of a Dream Event.  This isn’t my first rodeo ya all! After years in this business, I know a con when I hear one.

It is well known that I create and sell floral designs and apparently, many consumers are under the misguided impression that I loan my inventory out which is incorrect by all accounts.

When hiring or retaining myself and/or my staff, I provide my inventory as a “gift” to families who cannot afford decorations or flowers on a limited budget. My inventory ensures the photos are beautiful and the event looks professional.

 If I have not been retained to officiate your ceremony- I cannot and will not “loan” my inventory and risk damage and or loss to folks that I’ve never met.

My inventory is used at 90-95% of our events and because of this, I need it in order to complete a Dream Event for families who have retained our services and for obvious reasons cannot simply say yes because you contacted me through social media.

For many of you this is a logical explanation.  For the rest of you I’m going to give you an example of how your request sounds.  Let’s say I walk into Neiman Marcus and ask to borrow an evening gown? What response do you think I will get?  Or, I borrow a friends fur coat and its stolen from my car?  Who pays to replace the stolen fur? Can you see how “borrowing” sounds to a wedding vendor?  With inventory I’ve spent hours of labor and thousands of dollars to acquire- I’m hoping this blog addresses the “requests.”

My designs and inventory are always provided to clients should they need them in order to enjoy the beauty of a wedding with the “extras” I’ve added to my existing inventory in order to meet the needs of my client base.

To submit your trade visit this site and click “submit trade.”  If you are paying for services, visit Texas Twins Events and click on the option.  If you have a ceremony or service not listed, please click “contact us” and I will promptly reply.  If you qualify for a discount offered from my year round services, please advise me using the contact us link.

This business was created to earn income by offering low cost event services.  The inventory attained and/or created by me wasn’t free- I bought it or made it or traded for it but, I sacrificed to attain it in some form or fashion.

My inventory was created out of necessity to give a beautiful ceremony for families who could not afford to purchase these items and not to “loan” to consumers not using our services.

The Pawning Planners take trades from families who don’t have money to purchase services, the concept is that in some way, shape or fashion- I’m compensated for services rendered as I don’t have sponsors or outside funding and at the end of the day like any other business, I’m trying to earn a living.  My team wishes to earn a living too and because of this addressing it now has become a necessity in order to dedicate my time to clients rather than strangers seeking a “freebie.”

Wendy M Wortham