Any testimony given by me will be non-biased and completely truthful in nature as to the role played by me as a wedding officiant/clergy under Texas Family Code Laws.

If you have had premarital counseling with me Twogetherintexas, I am a premarital counselor and NOT a psychologist and therefore, cannot be expected to either outline your emotional state at the time of your ceremony other than “wedding day jitters” etc.

I’m contacted frequently by folks who “just went online” and failed to either recognize or educate the ramifications of signing a legal and binding document that has liability to the signature of the signor under BOTH state and federal guidelines.

Ignorance of the law will get you fined up to $250k and, possibly, prison sentencing. Reference: Marriage Fraud Texas.

If I am under subpoena, I do NOT “dodge” a process server. I suggest you don’t either!

Educating yourself to the ramifications of conducting a wedding ceremony in relation to any and all marriage guideline laws and statutes is advised by me.

Divorces are painful and ugly. Divorces are blood baths but, child custody is a WAR. I know this firsthand and, would prefer to never again have to “visit” a family court building.

However, should I be called to do so, I will conduct myself within the legal capacity that I have been requested to provide and ONLY within the role I played as a clergy/officiant and/or premarital counselor.

If you took a counseling class STRICTLY to receive a discount on the Marriage Application fee- I do NOT provide FREE marriage classes. Please Google Free Marriage Class within your county and be sure to take the certificate to vital records.

I hope this clarifies what and how my role in signing your marriage license entails and, how any testimony given by me will be reflected in my testimony.

Should you have questions regarding “your attorney” requesting my presence at your divorce matter, contact must be made in writing (for my records) and, rest assured that I have never FTA (Failed To Appear) but, I do travel and therefore, would appreciate a “heads up.”

Wendy M Wortham