I’ve never considered myself an activist or, even given myself a “box” since my personal beliefs are my own and when speaking honestly, my views are “tied up with a bow” by a listener who has a separate agenda that has nothing to do with either my philosophy, my views or, my beliefs.

You see I champion many wrongs that have affected me personally and therefore, feel the necessity to validate my beliefs within a ten minute window impossible by any stretch with a reporter sticking a microphone in my face when talking to my friends, twin Cindy Daniel and our Mini Me’s, the Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney.

For those who have watched this “interview” at the NOH8 Campaign in Dallas, Texas while attending Adam Bouska’s No Hate Campaign who do not or cannot understand “Frankenbiting” by networks who effectively cut and splice statements in order to either “create drama” or, get the message they want to send across or even for those who have yet to view the interview with me- it is embedded on my website under NOH8 Campaign Dallas.

You see, most of this “interview” was cut in order for the viewer to either believe that myself and my family were present because we were lgbt or Gay. This is not the case for I am both married and an advocate to legalize same sex marriages in Texas due to friends who battle probate laws and burial decisions after losing a partner and realizing that THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS.

In fact, this widespread issue is such a problem for surviving partners that I published the blog titled “Five Legal Documents Every LBGT Couple Need.”

But, let’s revisit a label that I don’t believe fits either myself or my twin. You see, many consumers come home and turn on the news or visit social media and post complaints about world events on a daily basis.

What they do not do in their one sided views is think full circle of how their comments or opinions affect the people targeted by public statements that are often uneducated assumptions of the facts.

Since I have made very public statements regarding the continued failure of Texas to legalize same sex marriage by hosting a mass unification event on the steps of the Fort Worth Courthouse Steps in 2013 during the Tarrant County Gay Pride Week Parade and, continue to express the legal reasons that failing to recognize these unions puts families at risk and prevents them from the same rights and privileges of traditional couples, I’m labeled an activist? Okay, some would say “you made a public statement on the courthouse steps” perhaps you didn’t feel you were an activist but, many view you as one.

Let’s revisit those folks that “watch” events on television but, fail to attend or be a part of the events that they have strong opinions on- if you don’t fully understand what you have decided is “your view” then “your view” is based on limited resources in order for you to have formed “your opinion.” IE: please don’t force your “take on matters” if you don’t fully understand the plight of others.

You see, the event on the courthouse steps was to give the gift of Unity in Community for couples making a commitment to one another and their families to celebrate with them and, to enjoy a wedding cake and complimentary photos provided to them- at my own expense.

I was requested to attend the NOH8 Campaign by my community and, made the time to attend with my family in order to support my community of friends, church members and clients (both current and past.)

Although, it must be noted that if something touches my life or, my heart, then it is of great enough importance to me that I involve myself in whatever capacity necessary to help, volunteer or provide services for the greater good of my community.

Making a statement without saying a word is difficult to achieve within a society that often passes judgment without having all the facts. This blog is meant to clarify my reasons for the beliefs of myself, the Texas Twins Team and my twin regarding why my highly publicized statement “we believe love is love” you see my statement was from my own heart and my belief that if you open your mind to the plights of others- perhaps your opinions will be kinder and more compassionate.

What you don’t know about me is far more interesting than what you “think” you know about me.

Wendy M Wortham
Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners