Flipping real estate isn’t easy but I’ve decided to go back to school and get my real estate license and further expand the Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Treasures “brand” to include real estate and flips found at auctions with my saucy sidekick twin sister Cindy Daniel along with our Little Pawners and Mini Me twins, Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney.  My tight knit family discusses everything and I’ve been considering doing this since a potential house flip client contacted me last year.

A TwinTeam Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel

My husband and I discussed my latest dip into something new- he was all for it and explained one of his biggest mistakes after 40 years in the real estate industry was never getting his own license.  With his product knowledge and saavy regarding this industry, I think now is the time to get my license and start flipping real estate. 

Wendy & Matthew Wortham

My husband thinks adding real estate into my Texas Twins Treasures/Pawning Planners endeavor would help by generating more income and I agree.  Last week, my twin sister expressed an interest in attending auctions to add more inventory to Texas Twins Treasures and we will start our auction junket adventures within the next few weeks. 

Twinning Is Winning With Two Sets of Twins- The Pawning Planners

Since my entire family help me with events and Liquidations, we are embracing a new direction and looking forward to more adventures of the travels for my Texas Twins Events Team. 

Cindy Daniel On Location- Wedding In The Park

From dog bites to duct tape and everything in between as we roll into our 6th year of hilarious events and adventure- you can bet Cindy will he coming up with new Cindyisms to sum up the situation from road trips to rest areas. 

Little Pawners- Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney

Our tiny Texas Twins have decided that Makenna wants to go into photography at events with Maryssa expressing an interest in being a DJ at events.

Our Pawning Planners Apparel line continues to add new #Cindyism Redneck Reality humor to tshirts and caps designed to generate revenue for funding of families with no money and no trade for services. 

My Son & Daughter In Law Model Latest Inventory Additions Texas Twins Treasures Pawning Planners Apparel

Expanding and rebranding the past five years after I decided to merge Texas Twins Events & Texas Twins Treasures to create The Pawning Planners has been an interesting journey with our clients being as unique as their requests.  Giving families with no money the opportunity for a Dream Event but “finding the money” hasn’t ever been “easy” for sponsored families.  Generating income required creativity and insight on buying trends that I learned after a lifetime of selling anything and everything in order to earn a living. 

Wendy Wortham Modeling A Fur Coat For Texas Twins Treasures

Over my lifetime I’ve had some fairly interesting positions that required “thinking on my feet” to be the best salesperson and top earner for any field I worked within.
Sales positions have been my highest earning career paths when salary plus commission or even straight commission was involved but, at one position, I was so good at flipping customers to the “commission list” posted weekly on brands my employer was pushing that I was called into the office and taken off commission and put on salary.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that I should have left or even renegotiated my payroll terms before simply folding and accepting the change.  Fear of doing something different when I was so good at selling for this company was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made.  My $10 an hour plus 5% had been netting me $1200-$1500 a week but my $14.75 an hour salary forced me to work two jobs to pay my bills.  Although I was making far less money, I was still expected to be a top producer.
Knowing when to leave isn’t easy when you’ve become comfortable at a job even if they just “capped” your earning potential.  After 13 years of selling millions of dollars in inventory, I left Texas Patios and took a position at Cadillac.  

While many employers think calling or reducing commissions for salespeople is smart- they are cutting their own throat because the “best and brightest” are motivated by money and after a while anyone will stop chasing that carrot including me. 

Jumping into a business that I knew nothing about wouldn’t be easy.  But earning a living that could support my son and I was necessary.  Learning everything thee is to know while passing the mandatory GM certification classes was “difficult but doable!”

I’m not afraid to do things different in order to generate revenue.  When I was selling Cadillacs & Hummers for nearly five years- I needed an edge against the old dogs who had been on the floor for years.  It took me a few months to come up with something that no one on the floor could duplicate or copy but, I did!  Hiring a photographer and using my twenty year history of print and commercial modeling, I made ads and placed them in area country club flyers. 

Wendy Wortham- Promoting A Client Base With Print Ads

Do you believe in yourself enough to spend money in order to make it? I do and I’m not afraid to be a little different in order to earn a living.  Advertising yourself isn’t “easy” finding the right client base is even harder but- if you are committed to being successful- you had better be “all in at 110%” or don’t bother. 

Two Sets Of Twins- Cindy Daniel, Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney & Wendy Wortham TCGPWA Parade Entry #29 2015

I’m often asked how I made it to the top of Google and the answer is that I’ve worked at it.  I don’t buy placement- instead I create it with the creative content contained within my blogs.

Jumping into something new may be scary for you- expanding and rebranding as many times as you need to may be discouraging.  But, to be successful in any career field you choose, you have to be willing to learn every aspect and be attentive to your client base.

My very first job was at a nursing home as an CNA.  I learned quickly that I didn’t want to spend my life in an environment of sadness.  My second job was as a waitress at Red Lobster and, I didn’t want to spend a lifetime doing that either.  

The Senior Center taught me compassion but Red Lobster taught me to hustle!  Good waitstaff employees are hard to keep and after the “all you can eat” program came along and my earnings were cut in half- I went into sales and have never looked back.

Dressing for success isn’t cheap- as usual, I needed to get creative and crafty to have a successful wardrobe.  Often I still mix thrift shop finds with store bought items to keep my look “fresh & funky.”

I wanted nice clothing so I became a model for several area businesses and walked the runway as well as tea shows in order to get nicer clothing and a better job.  Whatever field you are in- taking pride in your appearance will help you be taken more seriously.  

Wendy Wortham On Location

    When I went into the wedding and events business I invested thousands of dollars on vestments and clergy attire.  Appearance is very important to clients and potential clients and if you aren’t taking yourself seriously- no one else will either. 

Wendy Wortham On Location

Within any field that I have ever worked, I learned the warranty, replacement parts needed and catered to my client base because referrals are never easy-they are earned. 

Wendy Wortham On Location- Floral Designs On Loan To Ensure Beauty At My Events

“Doing it differently” is something I’ve done throughout my career.  When I decided to become a wedding officiant, wedding coordinator and funeral clergy- I created an inventory to loan clients.  
No one else does this and because my price structures are far lower (I directly market to low and middle class consumers) I effectively eliminated my competition because I was willing to do things they would not!  Offering free photography (if necessary), free loaned wedding flowers, cake stands & anything else was an investment for me but it was an investment that effectively “set me apart.” 

Taking Trades For Services? You Betcha!

When clients came to me with no money- I used my product knowledge and appraisal skills to “create a window” for families with no money to still enjoy a beautiful event by taking trades. 

Hundreds Of Happy Clients Later, Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners Wish To Thank Our Clients & Our Connections For Your Continued Support

You see, thinking and rethinking has been a way of life for myself and my family and in order to be truly successful, you need to be creative and willing to fail in order to succeed and I am…

Wendy M Wortham Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins Treasures, The Pawning Planners