I would like to think that thank you cards are common for me but, mailing thank you cards is becoming less and less common.  Today as I read a card that referred to my team and I as “selfless” and thoughtful, I realized the writer had taken the time to not only write but also relate her gratitude for our help. 

Little Pawners- Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney Delivering Christmas Toys

My twin sister and I have taught our adult children and our grandchildren the value of helping others.  From them volunteering with us to helping out at weddings and events- my multigenerational team of family members may occasionally argue with each other but, at the end of the day, we band together to overcome any issue that “pops up” at a Dream Event. 

My Multigenerational Texas Twins Events-Pawning Planners Team

 I am often asked why we help people that other vendors have turned away but my answers are more complex.  You see unless you’ve struggled to get by and fund a wedding, Baptism, anniversary or other event- it’s difficult to understand my reasons for “being the person I’ve never met.” 

Makenna Marie Mahaney Cooks Dinner For a Neighbor Recovering From Surgery

Raising your children to write a thank you note or even prepare a meal for a neighbor starts with you. Teaching our children empathy and the hurdles families who come to us face simply because they don’t have a lot of money also teaches them to care about the “road travelled” by the families who come to us for help.  Compassion for others and the ability to understand their situation for me was easy after struggling to afford my son’s wedding. 

 As I prepare to call a client who has emailed me regarding an event February 19, I put this thank you note in my keepsake box and realize that nearly five years after starting an affordable alternative for families, I made the best career decision I could have by helping others and involving my family on a unique journey of changing the wedding and events industry “one family at a time” from Fort Worth, Texas. 

The Little Pawners

Teaching your children to write a thank you note as opposed to an email isn’t easy but, it’s something that all of our children do since I harp on it until “they get around to it.”  Thank you notes say that you took the time to sit down, pen to paper and write your thoughts.  While an email may seem easier, I will take the thank you note everyday of the week!

Wendy M Wortham