Breaking the ice isn’t nearly as easy with Pawning Planners clients as it is with Texas Twins Events clients who can whip out a check and tell us exactly what they want while being able to pay for it.  

When booking with a Pawning Planners client- I’m often the Serious Twin while Cindy is the Silly Twin listening to their story and figuring out how we can help prior to finding anything of value.  Occasionally, we don’t and choose to sponsor families who can’t provide either a trade or money.

Juggling ways to find the money to do this for them happened after years of listening to my sister and my son wanting clothing to identify himself on location as part of the team.  The result?  Pawning Planners Apparel.

We’ve “rolled up on” houses with no windows, trailers surrounded by trash and broken down vehicles and we’ve shared the sorrows and joys of complete strangers while meeting prospective clients.  When we tell ya all its hard to surprise us- we aren’t kidding.  

From job loss to even death, these families struggle to afford even a funeral.  We listen to the hurdles they faced which led them to us because we try to help anyone and because we understand the struggle to afford a wedding officiant,  funeral clergy or even coordinator, etc. because we’ve been there ourselves years ago. 

Cindy “lightens the mood” at Appraisal Meetings by bringing her “brand” of Hillbilly Humor. 

While I don’t understand many of these sassy quotes & ideas,  lots of people do-Life Quotes From Cindy Daniel AKA #Cindyism.

Cindy Daniel- Creator Of Iconic Redneck Quotes & Meme’s

 Many of our prospects love #cindyism and ask my sister to pop off a “few new ones.”  Who knows how she comes up with her unique flair for entertaining but she is a comedy queen.

Orders for custom Pawning Planners Apparel have gone up 200% after “Say Quotable” began featuring my twin sisters saucy Redneck Reality Quotes aka #Cindyism.  My twin is unafraid to go anywhere including a barn full of snakes or a basement full of bats- she is fearless & fun. 

A Rusty Old Trailer? Everything Is Worth Something

Once or twice I’ve been afraid to get out of my SUV and go meet clients but not my twin sister, she loves nothing more than meeting new people and digging through their stuff!

These folks work hard but often earn minimum wages that prevent them from “bettering their circumstances.”  We understand their situation and know how hard finding anyone (other than us) can be for a wedding or other important milestone.  Bartering becomes far more worthwhile when you meet the families who benefit from the opportunity. 

 I’ve often said that “being broke” ain’t no joke but the one thing all Pawning Planners clients have in common is a good sense of humor!  They are hospitable and hilarious when wanting a Dream Event with the bonus of showing my team a “good time” on location. 

 These outgoing and spirited folks are quick with a laugh and willing to share whatever they have with us when we “come for a visit” and find out what their wishes for a Dream Event are while viewing their trade. From sweet tea to snake stew or fried frogs- we are always treated like guests no matter what the condition of a home is.

My twin sister Cindy Daniel, a self professed hillbilly, can get along with anyone on location including Inlaws and Outlaws who often bring a bit of drama when they “butt in” with suggestions but do nothing to contribute to an event other than bothering to show up. 

No Matter Where We Go Or Who We Meet- Cindy Can Relate To Nearly Anyone On Location Or Out And About

With friends and relatives like Inlaws & Outlaws-  we often wish you would go over that guest list more than once but are “getting used to” your clan of rednecks after all of these years.  

My sister can be a chameleon and “buddy up” to the biggest diva without them  realizing that she’s “flipping” their opinions and ideas that aren’t covered on the initial agreement that was made with me.

Bartering brings us a few down on their luck folks but it also opens the door for our most memorable events because families with no money are far more thankful for our commitment to help them regardless of their income.

Yesterday our Little Pawners found a game system that looked “old school” Cindy and I had missed.  Apparently, the market for old school stuff has come back again. 

Always Searching For A Flip- Little Pawners Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney

 Everyone on my team that accompany me to an Appraisal Appointment are looking for something different.  I’m looking for antiques and couture clothing, Cindy is looking for unique jewelry, shoes or purses.  Maryssa & Makenna are searching for dolls, toys & electronic equipment.

With the popularity of #cindyism pushing sales of custom designs, we plan to add hats in a few months too and bilingual tshirts since #cindyism quotes are being translated across the world now.

 None of the clients we meet are “happy” regarding strapped finances but they are happy that we came and committed to helping them.  Every family is as unique as their story and I know when Cindy is behind the camera, she (like me) sees the happiness of families who (without us) would never have a beautiful event.

 Some folks look at their glass as half empty- others look at it as half full.  Finding a way to help everyone was never an easy or inexpensive task but sales from Texas Twins Treasures fund families with no money to book through Texas Twins Events or trade to book through The Pawning Planners.

Using my sisters observations for Pawning Planners Apparel and offering custom designs?  A great investment for any buyer because each Tshirt is as unique as the person wearing them and 100% of the proceeds go to families desiring a Dream Event. 

On Location With My GingerTwin Cindy Daniel

To find your favorite #cindyism, just google #cindyism and find the one that best fits you or your beliefs.  Or, visit Cindy’s WordPress Site-Meet Cindy Daniel Creator Of #Cindyism Quotes Used On Pawning Planners Apparel.

For families who would love a Dream Event but don’t think they have anything of value to barter with, just  use the contact us link.  I personally review each and every email and often make exceptions when we can’t find anything thanks to the funds generated from Pawning Planners Apparel and the quick whit of my twin sister.

Wendy M Wortham