Cindy and I are spending Monday’s, Wednesday’s,  and Friday’s at her gym in Weatherford and Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at mine in Fort Worth so yesterday as I roll into her driveway she advises me she’s made an omelette.  Cooking with Cindy often has the diner guessing at the crazy ingredients she throws into whatever she has available at the DanielDivaDiggs. 

Maryssa Mahaney Not My Luggage Not My Trip- Pawning Planners Apparel Available At Texas Twins Treasures

Not everyone in our family is on a diet so expecting the Little Pawners to cut out carbs isn’t going to happen.

My omelette contained chicken, rice and peas along with eggs so I asked my saucy sidekick what else was in it?  “I’m using fillers to stretch my eggs- isn’t it delicious?”  Cindy often makes “surprise sandwiches” for her husband Steve and last week when he asked what was in it, Cindy told him “corn, celery, and potatoes with a piece of lunch and cheese that were left over from last night.”  Steve would eat a plate of mud and not complain about it at the DanielDivaDiggs because at Cindy’s house “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!”  Occasionally Steve is more confused about the dining options at home than a buffalo standing on AstroTurf. 

The Texas Twins Take The Diet & Excercise Gig With A Dose Of Laughter

As we approach next weekends four events in a row and head towards a busy October, fitting our excercise routine into the schedule is like juggling a bomb because we will have to carefully plan and execute not only excercise but passing up drive through restaurants which offer convenience and weight gain! 

Wendy Wortham, Leigh Ann Blais and Cindy Daniel

My niece Leigh Ann was roaring with laughter when we told her about our plans to lose 40 lbs each by This Time Next Year.  Who could blame her after 32 years of watching her aunt and mom hitting gas stations on every road trip to an event or family excursion that had us loading up on gummy bears, beef jerky, Cheetos and rice cakes?  Hey, we needed to keep our energy up with an SUV fully of family members who can never agree on a restaurant.  To take away the argument- we often grabbed something at a gas station.  For obvious reasons, nutrition took a backseat to convenience. 

Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham- The Pawning Planners

Next week we will be visiting our favorite venue at Willow Lake Event Center for a rehearsal on Thursday and a wedding Saturday.  I have a wedding in my home on Friday that will have a beautiful and delicious wedding cake sitting on my formal dining table attempting to “draw me into to temptation.”  But, two weeks into our journey, I’m planning on turning a blind eye to temptation. 

Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham


Wendy Wortham On Location

Why do I always wear a vestment?  It covers a lot of flaws ya all!  After gaining weight following my thyroid cancer scare, my medications put 40lbs on my frame within 6 months.  What I’ve learned since then is surprising regarding the millions of prescriptions written for Synthroid.  What the doctors aren’t doing for thyroid cancer survivors is writing another prescription for Cytomel.  You see, T3 and T4 work together but if you are only taking one or the other, you are going to gain weight!  No one told me this and I would learn the problem by researching the issue and running across a blog, “Synthroid Sucks!”  Once I learned what the rest of my life would be like without a right and left thyroid, I also learned that millions of others were struggling with weight gain too but didn’t understand why.  Adding Cytomel to my morning routine of Synthroid stopped the weight gain and finally gave me the opportunity to start losing it once and for all and then, Endimitrios hit me like a ton of bricks when a full hysterectomy sent me into menopause. 

Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham

Saying no to hormone prescriptions after Cindy gained 60lbs on them, neither one of us are currently taking them.  Could it be that medications are making America fat?  Losing weight after gaining it isn’t easy but we are doing it with a good sense of humor and teaming up for lifestyle changes.  Before menopause and thyroid issues- we could pretty much eat what we wanted into our 40’s but your 50’s are another story altogether. 

Working out isn’t easy- you’ve gotta stick to the plan even if one minute on the equipment is your limit!  My husband watches workout commercials all the time that say “20 minutes three times a week and you’ve got a Bowflex Body.”  What they don’t tell you is that it will take you awhile to get to 20 minutes. 


Being on location or working on a flipped item taken in from The Pawning Planners, I’m often starving with my sister and family and nowhere near a salad bar.  Planning ahead with healthy snacks and meals takes some time which is a new learning “curve” for both of us.

We have different schedules in the morning with Cindy getting the twins off to school and me making breakfast for my husband and walking our dog before heading off to the gym, meeting clients, going to an appraisal appointment, working on floral designs or furniture in my basement or attending an event. 

A Journey As A TwinTeam

Losing weight and getting in shape doesn’t happen overnight but we are in it to win it and packing healthy snacks while traveling to our next appointment may take a little more time for us just like going to the gym but, lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight.

As I prepare a healthy breakfast (without the fillers) at WorthamWorld, Cindy suggests adding a few items found in my fridge and advises me #Cindyism “you can’t make gravy outta water.”

Looks like my breakfast is going to be more interesting than I had planned….

Wendy M Wortham