I was fairly busy this morning at WorthamWorld preparing for a client meeting and transferring my photos to FB to save them before visiting AT&T this afternoon to finally upgrade my four year old phone.  I hate updating apps and I hate changing my phone more.

Returning home from walking Foxy Wortham, my phone was ringing and the caller ID listed Houston, Texas.  Since I get calls from other cities and states all of the time requesting services because I’m licensed to officiate weddings in 39 states, I answered my phone to a woman screaming she needed me to officiate a wedding in Houston at a prison in TWO HOURS?!  

I live in Fort Worth and am at least 4 1/2 hours from the prison.  I had never had any contact with the caller and at a minimum–require 3-5 days notice for a Prison Wedding.  Why?  Because I’m busy with client meetings, rehearsals, fundraising efforts, family responsibilities, furniture restoration, Appraisal Appointments & more.  

My schedule has a small degree of flexibility but there is no way I can “work in” a wedding on the same day of the call at a distance of over 4 1/2 hours from me with a timeline of the wedding being 2 hours from getting the call.  

Occasionally, I have to tell folks “that its not my luggage and it ain’t my trip.”  Inviting someone to “hang their laundry (problems) on your line” can be a thankless job.  When you can’t help everyone all of the time, they can get upset but events (especially Life Events) are about planning and especially booking someone you can trust to show up on time and prepared to work at your event.

I recently wrote a blog about Emergency Officiant Fees and the reason that I have them.  If you’ve hired someone else and they didn’t show up-it’s not MY EMERGENCY.  The only time I make exceptions for an Emergency Officiant call is when I can move things around and “work in” covering someone who didn’t bother to show up or return your calls.  For more information regarding AN EMERGENCY TO YOU, please visit this blog for more information-Wendy Wortham Explains Emergency Officiant Fees & Why I Have Them.

There is only ONE of me authorized to conduct Prison Weddings in Texas.  I cannot be everywhere at once and although it may be hard to believe, my schedule is so overcrowded right now that some clients reschedule their event to accommodate my or my staffs availability.  For more information on Prison Weddings, please visit this link-Texas Prison Weddings Officiated By Wendy Wortham.

Contacting me as soon as possible for your Prison Wedding will ensure that I can accommodate your request.  I operate a “first come-first serve” Prison Schedule and must work in your event to my existing schedule of clients from The Pawning Planners AND Texas Twins Events AS WELL AS Texas Twins Treasures.  IE: I cannot “bump” a Prison Wedding to my other officiants Robert Hafele, Cindy Daniel or Ann Alexander since I am the ONLY authorized officiant on our staff at this time.

Yelling at me won’t help you or I.  Dealing with drama from a Diva who assumes that everyone should drop everything to accommodate YOUR NEEDS because you didn’t plan accordingly isn’t something that I enjoy explaining to you but, I can.

If you are planning to book a Bridal or Groom Photo Shoot with Leigh Ann Blais (Maddie & Me) or Robert & Stephanie Hafele (Stephanie & RC), my photographers need a minimum of 5-7 days to “work you in.”  Why? Because it’s wedding season and everybody is hustling to take care of EXISTING CLIENTS.  For more information on Bridal or Groom Photography visit this link-http://texastwinsevents.com/blog/bridal-shoot-with-misty-texas-twins-events-travels/ if you are a Bride or Groom “on the outside,” we will work with you to get photos for your friends and family or significant other at a price you can afford. 

We Love Road Trips Too But We Also Have Family Obligations So Planning Appropriately Is Essential For Us & You


Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham-The Pawning Planners


We Also Offer Pawning Parties & Estate Liquidations BY APPOINTMENT & BOOKING

Although this may be surprising- we don’t ONLY do weddings.  We also do a variety of other events and juggle several clients every week.  For a list of services, visit this link-Texas Twins Events Services.  If you don’t see the event or services you desire, simply use the Contact Us Link- we love creative ideas & party planning!

There are a very small number of officiants authorized to conduct wedding ceremonies in Texas Prisons.  My reasons for going through the extensive screening process are explained in this blog-Wendy Wortham Explains Why I Chose To Become A Prison Wedding Officiant.

Many of you disagree with Prison & LBGT Weddings so I’m going to shock you by “outing” the fact that I also do LBGT Prison Weddings and ask you to get over it.  The fact is that prisoners who have a family waiting for them on the outside, often live an upstanding life upon release as told by the ACLU. 

40-50% of clients from Texas Twins Events AND The Pawning Planners are LBGT.  Our affiliation with numerous charitable organizations and affiliations with the LBGT community are important to us.

  Military Weddings often have a very short window and therefore, I often “bump” a Military Wedding to the front of the line.  A Prison Wedding can be rescheduled but often a Military Member is being shipped out so please understand that I NEVER reschedule a Military Wedding for another request. 

While I would love to help everyone under any circumstances, timelines and notification of requesting services NEED to be addressed and if we have enough time to accommodate your request-we are happy to do so…

Wendy M Wortham