You can’t climb the ladder of success on someone else’s back but, thanks to the internet, back linking or attempts to redirect traffic or self promote on another’s post is becoming more and more common these days.  Cindy has a million Moocher Quotes.

I block and delete comments on my posts redirecting traffic or promoting a business not affiliated with my own and suggest you do as well.  Why?  Because you earned a dedicated following on Instagram, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Google Plus by promoting your connections.

Unless you’re famous, no one who doesn’t know you or your business personally is going to promote you but, if you have a stellar social media, many will attempt to piggyback on your posts by suggesting their friend over at so and so or their own business at your expense and often on your post to reach your audience.

A few months ago, I wrote a blog based on my saucy sisters Redneck Reality Quotes known as #Cindyism and used on Pawning Planners Apparel and actually titled it based on one of her all time fan favorites “You cant climb the ladder of success on someone else’s coat tails. Those steps must be taken alone Amen.”

What actually makes her common sense Quotes popular is that they are unique and creative while being honest.  Cindy doesn’t copy anyone else, she creates these quotes herself which is why they are so popular-Climbing The Ladder Of Success Takes Work, Effort & Time.  

Say Quotable features Cindy Daniel quite frequently because they love creative content.  Who doesn’t? Creative content puts you on top of google searches without having to buy placement!

I’ve had folks ask me why comments are closed on my blogs but the truth is backlinks and spammers use whatever means possible to promote themselves so if you don’t close comments, you are guaranteed to be a victim of both spamming and backlinks.  Backlinking isn’t the right way to contact me and for years, spammers took advantage of comment sections to promote themselves to my dedicated blog readers. I hate spam.  Who doesn’t?

Anyone wishing to contact me or anyone on my team can use the contact us link on any Wendy Wortham Website.  I answer emails throughout the day everyday.

My web designer closed comments on all Wendy Wortham Websites to prevent spamming and Backlinks.  Michael handles all of my sites, my logos and is just a phone call away when I need help.

Why do many others don’t delete self promotion backlinking or spam comments on their social media posts blows my mind?  Taking by the time to review and respond or delete these comments is essential to your reputation.  If you aren’t looking at these comments- everyone else is!  From FB to Instagram and even Twitter or LinkedIn, don’t let anyone use your platform and/or audience to promote themselves.  Why? You earned your following- they didn’t.  These bums are piggybacking to your audience.  It might be worth double checking your posts and deleting comments ya all and I strongly suggest that you do.

I promote my connections all of the time but I don’t promote someone I don’t know or haven’t worked with, bought from or met.  Referring people you don’t know is tricky and it might just bite you in the ass.

This afternoon I saw a comment on my Instagram post regarding an LBGT Friendly Approved TDCJ Officiant of which, I AM.  The post was about a client who had encountered bias for his Prison Wedding because he was “different.”  We help anyone a fact that is very well known to all of our social media connections.  Obviously, I didn’t need a referral for a service we offer and found this backlink and promotion from a competitor on my post rather rude and offensive.  Think about it-what the?!

This person had 5 followers and 1 post on Instagram and for some reason, decided to promote her business on my post.  She is  not affiliated with me and in fact, my competition.  I have an audience of 19k followers on a post with 890 likes that her comment and backlinks would have reached if I hadn’t deleted the comment.

To circumvent this shameless self promotion, I quickly deleted it and blocked the spammer.  Such self promotion at my expense isn’t appreciated or tolerated.

Obviously, this young lady needs to read my post regarding social media-How Social Media Works. Hopefully, by educating yourself regarding the effort involved to like, share, retweet and promote there on social media, she might just learn how much effort it takes to get nearly 1000 likes on a post or 30k Followers on Twitter or 19k followers on Instagram.  It took a lot of work and promotion of others to get where I am on social media.  No one gave me followers of likes- I earned them.  Social Media works to benefit BOTH PARTIES.

If you don’t have the time to earn a following, hire a social media manager to do if for you but don’t spam or backlink everyone else.

I’m happy to promote those who promote me or my business and understand completely how the process of referral or promotion works.  After all, I’ve been in sales my entire life.

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