Planning a dream event for Matthew Wortham his holiday season required some interesting ideas on my part but, I wanted to give my “speed freak” husband the gift that keeps giving ya all.

You see, pushing a car to the limit is something that no one does on an everyday basis. While there were many times on a test track that I was terrified driving on, I’ve got to tell you that this type of training has enabled me to drive just about anything and, removed any fear I had regarding controlling a vehicle under extreme circumstances too! A win win so to speak.

There were very few Cadillac sales women during my tenure representing the brand and, one rainy afternoon I arrived wearing a leather suit and matching boots fully expecting a cancellation of the event for an XLR. After feeding us a wonderful breakfast of fruit and cinnamon rolls, I was chosen to drive first. Apparently, dressing for the weather and, being a female had me sticking out like a sore thumb. After hitting the track for twenty minutes, my breakfast reappeared- in my helmet! Learning my lesson, I never eat prior to exhilarating activities now.

After spending years of GM Ride and Drives in numerous Cadillac vehicles as a spokesperson, I came up with something special this year when planning a unique gift and purchased a Ride and Drive at Motorsport Ranch located at 9016 Performance Court Cresson Texas 76035 817-512-4752.

Jason Hart Racing provides professional driver coaching with aftermarket upgrades and, a professional co driver are included.

Since 1995 Jason Hart has made his living as a driving instructor at many of the top racing schools across the country. To contact Jason email or call 972-898-3952.